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Open Enrollment

The annual open enrollment for DU-provided health care insurance and other optional benefits is May 1-15, 2020. This is the time for benefits-eligible employees to sign up for medical, dental and vision insurance plans, or to make changes in their coverage choices (such as switching medical plans, adding coverage, setting up or changing flexible spending accounts).

Even if you aren't making any changes to your benefits, open enrollment is a good time to get to know what's in your plan, so you'll be prepared when you need to use it.

Your current benefits will automatically carry over to the new plan year. The only exception is flexible spending accounts, which require a new election every year.

During open enrollment, log into PioneerWeb to: 

  • Make your flexible spending account elections
  • Newly enroll in coverage
  • Change plans
  • Drop coverage
  • Add/drop dependents
    *New dependents will require dependent documentation, such as a marriage license for spouse/partner and birth certificate for child. Dependent documents can be uploaded through PioneerWeb when you make your open enrollment changes.

All elections must be submitted by May 15. Your benefits are effective July 1, 2020 through June 30, 2021.

Benefits Rates and Guides

Open Enrollment Email Communication 


To watch a recorded presentation and review guiding document attachments for the 2020 - 2021 benefit offerings, please click the link below.

Virtual Question & Answer Sessions

Still have questions? Mark your calendars now for one of the question and answer sessions, held via Microsoft Teams.

May 5, 2020; 11am – 12pm:   (Join Microsoft Teams Meeting)
May 7, 2020; 10am – 11am:   (Join Microsoft Teams Meeting)
May 7, 2020; 1pm – 2pm:      (Join Microsoft Teams Meeting)
May 13, 2020; 11am – 12pm: (Join Microsoft Teams Meeting)
May 13, 2020; 2pm - 3pm:  (Join Microsoft Teams Meeting) 

Open Enrollment FAQs

Q. What is open enrollment? 

A. All benefitted DU employees may add, cancel, or change benefits during Open Enrollment via Pioneerweb from May 1 to May 15 with an effective date of July 1. Open enrollment is not mandatory, if you take no action your benefits will remain the same for the next plan year EXCEPT FSAs (flexible spending accounts). If you would like a heath care and/or dependent care FSA you must enroll/re-enroll during open enrollment. Existing health care FSAs allow for a $500 rollover into the new plan year.

Q. What is the difference between a HSA (health savings account) and a FSA (flexible spending account)? 

A. You may establish a HSA if you enroll in the Kaiser High Deductible Health Plan. DU contributes $27.64 per month and you may contribute pre-tax dollars for a combine total of $3,550.00 for an individual or $7,100.00 for all other coverage tiers for the calendar year 2020. HSA funds are only available to you as they are contributed whereas money from a health FSA is front loaded and available to use right away beginning July 1. However, you must spend all your elected FSA funds, with the exception of $500 or less, before June 30, 2021. You may rollover up to $500.00 of your elected FSA amount into the 2021 fiscal year. The rollover, or front loaded feature does NOT include dependent care FSAs (limit $5,000.00 in 2020). You may have both a health care FSA as well as an HSA however the FSA then becomes a limited purpose account and monies are only available to use for qualified dental and vision expenses.

Q. How will my HSA change in 2020? 

A. The University of Denver will be moving the Health Savings Account (HSA) administration from Optum Bank to Rocky Mountain Reserve. Beginning July 1, 2020, any contributions will be made to your Rocky Mountain Reserve (RMR) account. HSA Communication

Q. How do I reset my Pioneerweb password? 

A. Please contact the IT department at 303-871-4700.

Q. I am adding dependents to my coverage, how do I upload marriage certificates, proof of domestic partnership, common-law affidavits or birth certificates (for children)? 

A. When making changes in PioneerWeb, after adding or selecting an existing dependent, highlight the individual(s) you want and click "browse" to locate the supporting documentation on your computer.

Q. I have qualified for the Wellness Premium Discount, how come I don't see the discount reflected on my summary of benefits online? 

A. The wellness discount is complementary to your health insurance premium. If you qualify for the discount you will see it listed as a separate line item credit on your first paycheck in July. The only requirement to receive the discount is to reach 5000 points by May 15, 2020. If you have Employee+Spouse/Partner coverage for medical insurance, then your spouse/partner will also have to reach 5000 points by May 15, 2020.

Q. How do I change my TIAA contributions? Is this an open enrollment option? 

A. TIAA contributions are unrelated to open enrollment, you can make changes at any time. To update your contribution amount and/or allocation log on to your TIAA account, select Actions, Contribute, click on Contribute to Your Retirement Plan, Manage my Contributions and Schedule a Change.

Q. How do I enroll in or add additional life insurance? 

A. Log on to Fresh Desk with your DU email and password, select Human Resources, expand the list of articles under Human Resources Forms, and select Hartford Voluntary Life Enrollment Form. Please email the completed Hartford Voluntary Life Insurance Form to no later than May, 15 2020. If evidence of insurability is required The Hartford will email you directly.

Benefits Fair - Cancelled 

The safety, health, and well-being of the University employees, carrier partners and the community are our #1 priority. In light of recent events, the decision has been made to cancel this year's benefits fair. 

Meet one-on-one about your benefits

During open enrollment, Shared Services will have benefits specialist available to answer your questions. Please schedule your appointment with Shared Services using the online appointment system.

Benefits Phone Appointments