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Benefits Philosophy


Benefits Philosophy

The University of Denver recognizes that to fulfill its mission it requires a diverse group of highly qualified employees – educators, researchers, administrators and support staff.  The University maintains a comprehensive and competitive benefits program for its employees and their families to help ensure it attracts and retains the people needed to carry out its mission.

Therefore, the University of Denver will deliver an employee benefits program that:

  1. Provides a "safety net" of basic benefits protection against the financial impact of catastrophic life events.
  2. Recognizes benefits are an important element of total compensation from the University.
  3. Provides flexibility over the design and cost of benefits – in order to deliver the highest quality and value at a reasonable cost for both the individual and the University.
  4. Reflects principles of sound financial management, fiscal responsibility, regulatory compliance and administrative efficiency at all times.
  5. Is communicated effectively to promote full understanding and value of the benefits program.
  6. Provides personal service to individual participants to ensure they receive full benefit from available programs.
  7. Is dynamic and innovative, changing as necessary to meet the changing needs and balancing of work life issues of both employees and the University.
  8. Utilizes central policy development to promote fairness and equity judiciously, while supporting the University's value of decentralization, flexibility and responsiveness.
  9. Encourages enrollment in cost effective plans.
  10. Promotes consistency in availability of benefits coverage among employee groups.
  11. Offers opportunities to enhance the basic benefits package, so that employees can address their particular benefits needs.
  12. Provides for continuation of basic benefits upon retirement.
  13. Assists the University to compete successfully for human resources in all areas of activity.