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Years of Service Recognition

DU employees through the engagement survey and feedback have told us that the simple act of recognizing employees for their service to the University fosters a great work environment. We're pleased to have an employee recognition program acknowledging years of service to the University.

Employees who have achieved milestone years in increments of five – 5 years, 10 years, etc. will receive their DU service pins in the month they achieve their milestone year. In addition, the recognition program includes special awards for employees who achieve decades of DU service – 10 years, 20 years, and up. Employees who earn these special awards will receive acknowledgment and be given a service anniversary award on behalf of the University.

Faculty Senate Awards and Recognition

The University of Denver prizes research that benefits the public good and teaching that transforms the lives of students. Purposeful research and inspired teaching are celebrated each year with an awards presentation at the fall Convocation ceremony. Please visit the Faculty Senate website to view the previous recipients for these awards and honors.

Staff Awards and Recognition

The Staff Advisory Council celebrates and recognizes University of Denver staff with three Staff Awards presented at the fall Convocation:

Crimson and Gold Award: recognizes an employee who displays outstanding civic engagement commitment to and in support of the University.
Outstanding Service Award: recognizes an employee who exemplifies the mission of the University.
Quality Department Award: honors the staff of a DU department for outstanding quality service to the DU community.

It is among these Staff Awards, we annually highlight a contingent of amazing staff through their dedication and stewardship to the DU community.

2013 Faculty Award Videos
2013 Staff Award Videos
2013 Convocation Awards