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Human Resources & Inclusive Community

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Employee Support

Employee Resources

The following are a wide variety of on-campus resources available to assist employees.


Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

The University of Denver fully complies with the reasonable accommodation requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Under the law, agencies must provide reasonable accommodation to qualified employees or applicants with disabilities, unless to do so would cause undue hardship. The University is committed to providing reasonable accommodations to its employees and applicants for employment in order to assure that individuals with disabilities enjoy full access to equal employment opportunity at the University.

The University provides reasonable accommodations:
• when an applicant with a disability needs an accommodation in order to be considered for a job;
• when an employee with a disability needs an accommodation to enable him or her to perform the essential functions of the job or to gain access to the workplace; and
• when an employee with a disability needs an accommodation to enjoy equal benefits and privileges of employment.

Should you wish to request reasonable accommodation, please contact Director of Benefits, Lloyd Moore @ [email protected].

Campus Safety

The Department of Campus Safety is staffed 24 hours a day year-round by trained professionals employed to serve the University community. Did you know that campus safety is available to walk you to any campus location during all hours of the day?

Emergency: 303-871-3000
Non-emergency: 303-871-2334
Personal escort while on campus: x1-2334
Campus Safety Anonymous Tip Line: 303-871-3130 

Center for Multicultural Excellence

The Center for Multicultural Excellence challenges the University of Denver community to create a campus climate that ensure all of its members are valued, supported and thrive by embracing and engaging our social identities. 

CME offers a range of resources in support of DU's pursuit of Inclusive Excellence and are happy to consult with employees by email, phone or in person. 

Counseling/Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

All University of Denver employees are eligible for the Employee Assistance Program (EAP).

University employees can attend up to six counseling sessions each fiscal year at the HCC: the initial consult + 5 sessions. All individual EAP visits are a covered benefit for University employees and are available at no additional fee.

University employees may also elect to use their counseling benefit to conduct couples counseling.

The EAP benefit will cover couples counseling (subject to the 6 session limit) even if the spouse or partner is not a DU employee. The spouse or partner is not eligible to receive individual counseling.  

Additional Counseling Services (fee for service)

Trauma & Disaster Recovery Clinic (TDRC)

The sessions may be video recorded are students are involved.

The Trauma & Disaster Recovery Clinic at DU provides help to people after adversity with services that honor and expand their strengths and resources. The TDRC assists those in need of psychological interventions to alleviate the effects of traumatic experiences and foster resilience as well as personal, family, and community growth. They offer comprehensive psychological services to those affected by trauma, including:

• accidents
• crime
• abuse
• natural disaster
• refugee status

Professional Psychology Clinic (PPC)

The following program involves doctoral level students who are supervised by licensed professionals.

The Professional Psychology Clinic (PPC) is the training center for the Graduate School of Professional Psychology at the University of Denver. The PPC has provided low cost, high quality psychological services to Denver's community for over 30 years. In addition to psychotherapy services, the clinic also provides psychological assessments and forensic services. Staffed by doctoral students under the supervision of licensed mental health professionals, we offer a broad range of confidential mental health care. 

Internal Audit Hotline

Report Potential Problems and Assist with Compliance

The University of Denver is committed to full compliance with state and federal laws. To meet this compliance commitment, the University needs to know when there are potential compliance problems. You are encouraged to let the University know when you suspect there has been or may be a compliance issue. You are also encouraged to contact the University if you merely have a question as to whether conduct is compliant. Absent your input, it is difficult for the University to meet its full compliance goal. 

Office of Equal Opportunity and Office of Title IX

The Office of Equal Opportunity and Title IX, in collaboration with University partners, fosters an environment of equal opportunity for students, faculty and staff in all aspects of educational programming and employment. The Office of Equal Opportunity and Title IX is responsible for ensuring compliance with the University's anti-discrimination policies and promoting full compliance with all federal, state and local discrimination laws. The Office of Equal Opportunity and Title IX can assist you with: 

  • Consultation concerning issues of possible discrimination, harassment or retaliation
  • Investigation of complains of discrimination, harassment and/or retaliation
  • Investigation of sexual misconduct matters including sexual assault (non-consensual sexual contact) 
Office of People Development

The Office of People Development provides learning programs and services to help employees grow and develop as people, employees, teammates and leaders. They offer a myriad of consulting services including one on one coaching, team-building, conflict management and workforce planning. The staff can also assist employees with facilitated conversations to work through difficult workplace situations. 


The Ombuds Office at the University of Denver provides confidential* and informal assistance to faculty, staff, students and others having a problem with or within the University of Denver.

*These conversations are kept as private as possible, but information about incidents of sexual misconduct must be shared with relevant administrators and the Office of Equal Opportunity and Title IX so that the University of Denver can take action if necessary for reasons of safety.  
University Chaplain

The Office of Religious and Spiritual Life passionately advocates for the integration of religious, spiritual and ethical voices and values at the University of Denver. Chaplain Gary is available for confidential conversation and support. 

Workers' Compensation

If you believe you have sustained a work related injury, you must report the injury to your supervisor and Enterprise Risk Management within 24 hours.  


The University offers a wide variety of wellness resources.