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Human Resources & Inclusive Community

Human Resources

Our Mission and Vision

Our Vision

A model for innovative solutions that serve and support the University's mission through and with people.

Mission and Goals

The University of Denver Department of Human Resources commits to fostering a community of inclusive excellence through strategic leadership and service of the highest quality.

Consistently striving to accomplish this:

  • We assist the University community to recruit and retain excellent faculty and staff by developing, enabling and supporting an environment that enables employees to be engaged, innovative, have integrity, and empower greatness.
  • In order for employees to realize their full potential in the workplace we provide personal and professional development opportunities.
  • We help people, units and the University align actions and knowledge to achieve goals by increasing knowledge and skills, improving processes, and implementing appropriate technologies so that work gets done efficiently and effectively.
  • We support effective decision-making at the University by providing information and guidance relative to human resource processes, systems and data.


It is our intention to utilize the following values as a set of guiding principles to direct our actions:

  • Respect: We will behave in a fashion that demonstrates respect for the individual needs and interests, and personal differences of all of those with whom we come in contact as we carry out our mission. We will treat all persons with whom we have contact with dignity and courtesy.
  • Ethical Behavior: Our actions will demonstrate the highest levels of professionalism and integrity.
  • Quality: We are dedicated to ensuring quality through our timely and accurate interactions and transactions.
  • Commitment to Community: We commit ourselves to being a voice in the community through our focus on diverse populations, involvement in the DU community and surrounding area.
  • Customer Focus: Our primary obligation will consist of addressing the needs of our customers in the development, implementation and evaluation of all our products and services.