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Adjunct Faculty

What is the Role of Adjuncts at DU?

The principal role of adjuncts at DU is to teach students. Adjunct faculty are also expected to hold office hours as part of the teaching function.

The University calls upon adjuncts in some very specific instances. Adjuncts enrich the curriculum by teaching specialized courses in their particular areas of expertise. They are also used when staffing shortfalls exist, due to leave situations or when unanticipated additional courses or course sections are needed.

Teaching ability is a key criteria for adjunct selection, along with relevant degrees (Ph.D., master's, or JD). As with appointed faculty, course evaluations are used to assess adjuncts' teaching.

Official Contact with the University

You were most likely hired by the department chair or program director in the college, division, or school where you will teach. This person is your main "official" contact with DU.

The department chair or program director is the person you should ask if you have questions about University policies, curriculum, course content, or other questions regarding your role as an adjunct faculty member. You should inform this person if there are any safety issues, honor code violations, or other situations that hinder student learning and a collegial environment - either in the classroom, or elsewhere within the University.

DU Resources & Points of Contact

Each Division and College within the University has its own unique culture, and specific requirements for adjunct faculty may vary. Below is a list of resources that, in addition to your academic program director or department chair, will assist you as you prepare to teach at DU.