Learning Management Systems

Pioneer@Work contains DU's Learning Management System (LMS) for both benefited and non-benefited employees. The LMS allows users to complete required training and register for professional development classes, all within one system. On the page below, you will find definitions of the various user roles and terminology used within the LMS, as well as user guides and informational videos. If you still have questions about the LMS or how to use it, please email learning@du.edu.

User Roles

  • Learner – Complete assigned training, search for LinkedIn training, browse the course catalog, enroll in professional development classes, track training progress and history on employee transcript
  • Manager/Supervisor – View the employee transcripts of their direct reports (and those in the organizational hierarchy below their direct reports), assign training, run standard reports
  • Learning Lead – Responsible for their department's compliance training status, administer their department's training courses, upload content, manage registration, run standard reports
  • Instructor – View/manage course roster and mark attendance







A container for multiple learning objects (LOs), such as events/sessions, materials, videos, online classes, and more.

Contains more than one learning object (such as a video and a test). The curriculum completion percentage updates as users complete the curriculum.

Instructor-Led Training (ILT)

All learning events that are led by an instructor (both virtual and in-person).

Users typically register for ILTs from the Training Calendar or by searching for a training title in the search bar.


A type of learning object that links to an external source such as a URL, PDF, Word document, or PowerPoint document.

Materials are typically contained within a curriculum and can be assigned individually. They may also require an acknowledgement.

Online Class

These are typically interactive e-learnings provided by a third-party vendor.

Online classes are typically contained within a curriculum and are characterized by scenario-based learning and advancing through interactive slides.

User Guides

For All Employees

For Managers