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Performance Management

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Performance Management

Performance Cycle Graphic

Performance Management

Steps in the Process:


    1. Employee sets their own goals
    2. Supervisor cascades goals to their direct reports
    3. Employee asks for approval of their goal plan
    4. Supervisor approves their direct reports goal plans


    1. Employee and Supervisor meet to discuss progress
    2. Edits are made to the goal plan as priorities change


    1. Employee completes self-appraisal (with approved goals listed under Performance Goals)
    2. Supervisor completes direct report's appraisal
    3. Supervisor schedules a review meeting with direct report
    4. Supervisor signs off on final appraisal
    5. Employee signs off on final appraisal

If you have completed any of the steps out of order, it is possible that you will not have your goals listed in your appraisal form. Please email [email protected] if you need assistance.

INSTRUCTIONS: How to Log in to Performance

Performance is now linked to DU's Single Sign On (SSO)!

  • Use the same URL (see link above or link in Employee tab in PioneerWeb)
  • After clicking on link, the page that opens is the DU login page 
  • Your login credentials will be your DU email and PioneerWeb password

For Performance related questions, please contact [email protected]

For login assistance, please contact the IT Help Desk at 303-871-4700 . Some examples of issues are receiving an error upon login, password reset, or confirming your email address.

Timeline of the Merit Appraisal process: October 1 - September 30

Used by most divisions on campus.Timeline of the Standard Performance Appraisal process

Timeline of the Academic Appraisal process: July 1 - June 30

Student Life, Residence Life, Health & Counseling, Athletics, Campus Safety, Ricks Center Timeline of the Academic Year Performance Appraisal process

NOTE:  If you complete an Executive Narrative Appraisal form, or are in a unit that does appraisals on an alternate schedule, please follow the timeline communicated by your supervisor.

Watch the video below for additional information

Performance Management Training Materials

Goal Setting (Performance Planning)

Performance Appraisals

To request a supervisor change, please complete the following instructions: 

  1. Log into PioneerWeb
  2. Click "Employee" tab
  3. Under "Administrative Processes" (top right box), click on "Job/Position Changes"
  4. Choose "Job Change Request"
  5. Enter the Employee's information (who will be getting a new supervisor)
  6. Under "Job Action", choose "Job and Position Change"
  7. Click "Continue" 
  8. Scroll to the middle of the page and choose a new supervisor for the employee
  9. If there are additional job changes for this employee, they can also be done at this time
  10. Click Save and Continue

If you have any questions related to the performance management process or the Performance system, please email [email protected].

FAQs - Performance System Frequently Asked Questions


What is the difference between WingSpan and Performance?
Nothing. The company, SilkRoad, simply renamed the system.

What is the difference between SilkRoad and Performance?
SilkRoad is the company, the vendor, that owns the Performance system.

What is the difference between Performance and the old system, Success Factors? What is the same?
Performance is a performance management system, just like Success Factors. At the end of the performance cycle, we will use Performance to assess overall employee performance as we did with Success Factors. What's different is that Performance starts the performance year by focusing on the creation of goals that will allow you to grow throughout the year. The addition of job competencies and duties will come later in the process.

I don't know how to use Performance.
The Leading & Learning contains job aids for the goal setting process of the Performance application including: step by step instructions with screen shots and videos, these FAQs, and sample goals. Please review these materials. Additionally, you can send an email to [email protected] to request assistance from the Performance support team.

I'm in Performance and I want more details about what I'm seeing on the page, can I see a deeper explanation?
Look for the blue i icon at the top of the page for deeper details, definitions and tips.

My direct reports aren't correct/my supervisor has changed, what do I do?
Please email employees[email protected] the name, position number, and 87 number for the employees that should be reporting to you, or to show who should be your supervisor. Updates will be made in the system weekly.

What is my username and password?
Your username is your preferred DU email address, click reset password and follow the instructions on the login page to generate a new password.

What is my preferred DU email address?
You can check and change your preferred email address in My Web on the Personal Info tab in Pioneer Web. There is a view and update email addresses option, the preferred email is marked with a check.


Why are we focusing on goals now instead of job duties?
This is due in part to the schedule of the roll out of the new system to align with the University's performance plan year in conjunction with merit processes. By setting goals now, supervisor and employees can meet during the rest of the performance plan year, i.e. in March/April and June/July to track progress toward those goals in preparation for final review in the fall. The remainder of the system will be rolled out in the next couple of months.

What is goal setting?
Goal setting is an outcome based approach to performance management, and is the first step in our new performance review process. This approach has been strongly supported by Senior leadership at the University and was discussed in the focus group sessions Human Resources facilitated with community members regarding their needs and desires with respect to a performance management system.

How do I write a goal?
When setting goals, please use the SMART goal (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Related and Timelines) methodology. SMART goals are:
• Specific when identifying exactly what the employee hopes to accomplish;
• Measurable when they can be evaluated to determine if they have been met;
• Attainable when they are not overly lofty, but within reach of the employee;
• Results-based on accomplishment and align with organizational, departmental and job specific objectives;
• and have Timelines (deadlines) to be measured against
Example SMART goal:
By June 1, 2015, implement a new performance management system for appointed staff using a clearly defined process and guidelines so employees and supervisors can more competently evaluate performance and develop skills for their current jobs and careers.

What is a goal as it relates to my job at DU?
See the list of sample SMART goals on the Leading and Learning page of the HR website.

How many goals do I need to have?
The minimum number of goals is four. Every employee, at all levels, must set at least two goals for themselves and will be given at least two goals from their supervisor. The total number of goals an individual has should not exceed eight. The number is prescribed to help create realistic expectations for supervisors and employees to focus their efforts toward their unit goals and objectives.

I am a supervisor; how many goals do I need to give my direct reports?
The minimum number of goals a supervisor should cascade down to each of their direct reports is two. Many goals you create for your employees may be goals that will be shared by several people on your team.

What is the difference between suggested and prescribed goals?
Suggested goals are a proposed by the supervisor to be decided upon jointly between them. Prescribed goals are determined by the University, a division or department or the specific employee's supervisor.

Can we modify prescribed goals?
Prescribed goals generally are not modified unless changing division/department requirements necessitate a change. Changes to an employees' goals will be communicated by the employee's supervisor, and can be tracked in the notes section of the goal.

What are cascaded goals?
Cascaded goals are goals that a supervisor creates and "cascades" down to their direct reports. They can be either suggested or prescribed.
What is the difference between departmental goals and individual goals?
Departmental goals are set by senior leadership for the entire department to include in their goal plan. Individual goals are set by the individual employee and discussed with their supervisor to include on their goal plan.

What is an organizational goal?
This would be a goal shared by the whole DU community or in support of the University's priorities. These are typically set organization wide by senior leadership.

What is a measurement description?
A measurement description is a sentence or two explaining how the goal will be achieved or measured to know that achievement was met. The use of SMART goal methodology will help with this description. The measurement may be defined in the general description and could be repeated in the measurement section of the goal details page.

Who determines when the goals are met? If you complete all your goals early what is the next step?
You and your supervisor will specify in the goal detail the specific criteria that signify goal completion. If you have questions, please discuss them with your supervisor so that the two of you have the same expectations. Throughout the plan year you can mark progress or completion by using the sliding progress bar in the goal detail section of each goal.
Final goal review will occur during the annual appraisal and we will provide instructions for these tasks then. Your supervisor will assign new goals for 2016 following the completion of this year's annual appraisal in the fall.

When are these goals to be assessed?
Goal progress can be marked and assessed throughout the year, and we suggest quarterly check-ins with your supervisor. The planned schedule for these check-in meetings, once the complete system is in operation will be March and June. More can be scheduled based on departmental needs and preferences of the supervisor and employee. Overall performance will be assessed during your annual appraisal this fall. The plan this year is to launch the goal process and incorporate it into the annual appraisal.

Will we be getting goals assigned over the course of the year or just now?
Each year there will be a period in the beginning of the performance plan year (typically November – December) to set new or continue with existing goals. Goals can be added throughout the year if department priorities or job duties change.

How do I edit a goal?
Login in to Performance, click on "My Goals", then in the dropdown menu click "Reopen Plan", edit the goals and then will need to send them for supervisor approval again.


How do I do a performance review for a part-time temporary hire?
We do not have licensure to review them in the Performance management system and a "formal" review is not required. We do have a pdf form of the appraisal if you'd like to provide them with a review.

How do I view my supervisor's appraisal of me, once it's complete?
1. Under Reports on the left-hand navigation, click on Appraisals
2. Under the first heading, Appraisal reports, click on Reports next to the current year
3. Click Reports next to the current year
4. Click View next to your Direct Manager/Supervisor

I clicked Submit on my self-appraisal and now it disappeared...
When you click Submit, your self-appraisal is transferred to your supervisor's queue so that they may complete their appraisal of you.

Appraisals were launched, why can't I see my direct reports forms?
Supervisors cannot see the forms of their direct reports until the employee has completed and submitted the self-appraisal.

There are no goals to rate in my appraisal form...
If you did not set goals, there will be none to rate in your appraisal form (this is an amended answer to reflect non-approved goals feeding into forms)

My job description is not showing in Performance so I can use it to rate myself in the job category area...
Job descriptions are not located in the Performance system. Use the job category area to speak to the quality of work you provided on your major job duties and any other responsibilities that were a priority for you this year, whether or not they are specifically listed in your job description.

I want a copy of my job description to use when completing my appraisal.
Job descriptions are kept in the units. Ask your departments administrative personnel, budget officer and/or supervisor if they have a copy on file.

My supervisor never approved my goals, what do I do?
We have amended the process so that goals that were never approved also fill into the appraisal form.

How do I rate myself on a competency that doesn't apply to my job?
There is a way to apply all five competencies to every job on campus. Think about who your customers are (internal/external, peers/vendors, etc...) and apply the competencies to the work you do for them.

Priorities changed and I was not able to complete one of my goals. How do I rate myself?
Rate yourself on the progress you made on the specific goal given the change in priorities.

I've changed roles this year and the goals that fed into my appraisal form are from my old job.
You can still edit those goals by reopening the goals plan as long as you have not submitted your self-appraisal yet. Once the goals are edited, use the Refresh Goals button to bring the new goals into your appraisal form to be rated.

My supervisor is incorrect, what do I do?
Your supervisor or budget officer needs to request a supervisor change. In order to do this, please complete the following instructions:
1. Log into PioneerWeb
2. Click "Employee" tab
3. Under "Administrative Processes" (top right box), click on "Job/Position Changes"
4. Choose "Job Change Request"
5. Enter the Employee's information (who will be getting a new supervisor)
6. Under "Job Action", choose "Job and Position Change"
7. Click "Continue"
8. Scroll to the middle of the page and choose a new supervisor for the employee
9. If there are additional job changes for this employee, they can also be done at this time
10. Click Save and Continue

Key Terms

Goal (SMART):
Is what needs to be accomplished in a job. Goals should be specific, measurable, achievable, results- focused and time-bound.

Are the required knowledge, skills and abilities (KSA's) and other personal characteristics that work together to enable an employee perform their required job duties.

Job duties:
The required tasks and responsibilities to be completed in a job. A job description summarizes the most important features of the job including job duties. For example, an auto mechanic would repair and paint cars.