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Performance Management

Performance Management

Performance Appraisal

Completing Performance Appraisals Overview

Frequently Asked Questions about completing Performance Appraisals

How do I do a performance review for a part-time temporary hire?

We do not have licensure to review them in the Performance management system and a "formal" review is not required. We do have a pdf form of the appraisal if you'd like to provide them with a review.

How do I view my supervisor's appraisal of me, once it's complete?
  1. Under Reports on the left-hand navigation, click on Appraisals
  2. Under the first heading, Appraisal reports, click on Reports next to the current year
  3. Click Reports next to the current year
  4. Click View next to your Direct Manager/Supervisor
I clicked Submit on my self-appraisal and now it disappeared...

When you click Submit, your self-appraisal is transferred to your supervisor's queue so that they may complete their appraisal of you.

Appraisals were launched, why can't I see my direct reports forms?

Supervisors cannot see the forms of their direct reports until the employee has completed and submitted the self-appraisal.

There are no goals to rate in my appraisal form...

If you did not set goals, there will be none to rate in your appraisal form (this is an amended answer to reflect non-approved goals feeding into forms)

My job description is not showing in Performance so I can use it to rate myself in the job category area...

Job descriptions are not located in the Performance system. Use the job category area to speak to the quality of work you provided on your major job duties and any other responsibilities that were a priority for you this year, whether or not they are specifically listed in your job description.

I want a copy of my job description to use when completing my appraisal.

Job descriptions are kept in the units. Ask your departments administrative personnel, budget officer and/or supervisor if they have a copy on file.

My supervisor never approved my goals, what do I do?

We have amended the process so that goals that were never approved also fill into the appraisal form.

How do I rate myself on a competency that doesn't apply to my job?

There is a way to apply all five competencies to every job on campus. Think about who your customers are (internal/external, peers/vendors, etc...) and apply the competencies to the work you do for them.

Priorities changed and I was not able to complete one of my goals. How do I rate myself?

Rate yourself on the progress you made on the specific goal given the change in priorities.

I've changed roles this year and the goals that fed into my appraisal form are from my old job.

You can still edit those goals by reopening the goals plan as long as you have not submitted your self-appraisal yet. Once the goals are edited, use the Refresh Goals button to bring the new goals into your appraisal form to be rated.

My supervisor is incorrect, what do I do?

Your supervisor or budget officer needs to request a supervisor change. In order to do this, please complete the following instructions:

  1. Log into PioneerWeb
  2. Click "Employee" tab
  3. Under "Administrative Processes" (top right box), click on "Job/Position Changes"
  4. Choose "Job Change Request"
  5. Enter the Employee's information (who will be getting a new supervisor)
  6. Under "Job Action", choose "Job and Position Change"
  7. Click "Continue"
  8. Scroll to the middle of the page and choose a new supervisor for the employee
  9. If there are additional job changes for this employee, they can also be done at this time
  10. Click Save and Continue