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Performance Management

Performance Management

Performance Planning


Performance Planning overview

The first step in the Performance Management at DU program is Performance Planning. This is accomplished by completing 3 sections: setting job goals and objectives, reviewing the competencies, and building a professional development plan.

3 sections of Performance Planning

Job Goals and Objectives - Worth 60%  

What do you need to do to be SUCCESSFUL this year?

To support this process, reference the employee's job description, team and divisional goals and the university's current strategic plan.

You can NOW attach your job description into the new system to reference throughout the performance year. 

Competencies - Worth 40%

For all competencies, definitions, and examples.

Professional Development Plan - No rating

Your opportunity to discuss development opportunities for the short-term (job-specific) and long-term (for career).

Process steps & Timing

There are three workflow steps in the Performance Planning process:

1. Performance Planning by the employee - 18 Days

2. Manager Review - 18 Days

3. Employee Acknowledgement *Required* - 6 Days 

The employee must sign off to complete Performance Planning. Once completed, the employee's Job Goals and Objectives will then appear under, "Your Action Items" dashboard when logged into Pioneer@Work, as well as be viewable to the employee's manager.

How do I do Performance Planning?

For User Guides, training videos and support materials to complete performance planning, please visit our Resources


Want to view your goals from last year?   Please email