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Performance Management

Performance Management

Quarterly Check-Ins


Quarterly Check-ins

Quarterly Check-Ins give employees and managers an opportunity to discuss goal accomplishments in the second and third quarters of the performance cycle. These check-ins are opportunities to explore and understand priorities for the remainder of the year and discuss progress with the employee's professional development plan. It allows managers to give specific feedback and coaching, as well as provide a general sense of how performance is being measured without assigning ratings. An important part of these quarterly conversations is to recognize an employee's contributions and accomplishments thus far. 

Please reach out to your direct report/manager to schedule a time to review progress on your job goals and objectives, revisit competencies and check in on your professional development plan.

Frequent check-ins and regular feedback set the foundation for all employees to achieve success and continual growth. Employee success is a key driver in the ongoing institutional impact for the public good.

Timelines for quarterly check-ins

You will receive a reminder email from the performance management system, Pioneer@Work, on the following dates with regard to your respective performance cycle. 

This email will remind you to schedule a meeting with your direct report/supervisor, instructions on how to go into the performance management system and capture notes, attach support materials and update progress. 

HOW DO I DO quarterly check-ins?

For User Guides, training videos and support materials to complete quarterly check-ins, please visit our Resources.