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Colorado 14ers People Development Program

Download the most updated version (November 2019) of the program (PDF). Hard copy booklets are available in HRIC.


melinda on manThe Colorado 14ers People Development Program provides a centralized, campus-wide container for professional and personal development classes, workshops, programs, and experiences to the University of Denver faculty and staff. Using the beautiful Colorado mountains as the backdrop, this program highlights the many diverse professional development offerings through a series of pathways, which each pathway having its own focus, curriculum, and criteria. Together, these pathways help create a comprehensive learning environment where faculty and staff can grow and develop together.

Colorado 14ers & the Wellness Portal 1,500 Points

To obtain 1,500 points, you must complete a 14ers Pathway and submit a Pathway Completion Form. Once approved, you'll receive 1,500 points. Contact Greg Giesen in People Development with any questions.

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This program...
  • Helps centralize many of the wide variety of campus offerings in professional development that currently coexist on campus.
  • Provides incentives and recognition to staff and faculty (and departments) for participating and completing individual pathways.
  • Cross-promotes all the professional development efforts occurring on campus under the umbrella of one program.
  • Synergizes many components of the university's strategic plan together.
  • Introduce a wide variety of learning modalities to accommodate our busy and diverse population.
  • Focuses on growing and developing the "whole" person.
  • Brings faculty and staff together as students within the same classroom.
  • Serves as a resource to create and implement performance goals.
  • Provides a wide variety of educational, professional development, and personal growth opportunities for faculty and staff who are self-motivated and looking for ways to improve.

Why the 14ers?

We wanted to add a splice of Colorado to this program and tie-in the theme throughout for added incentive.

How it works

In order to highlight the variety of professional development opportunities for staff and faculty on campus, we've identified specific classes (both on-campus and online), workshops, programs, and even experiences campus-wide and inserted them into a series of pathways, with each pathway being named for one of the Colorado 14ers mountain peaks. Each of these pathways falls under a general heading (i.e., leadership, wellness, inclusive excellence, etc.) and has unique learning objectives specifically tied to that topic area. Should a staff or faculty member decide to complete the requirements of a particular pathway, they'll receive a certificate of completion which will include a watermark photo of that 14er on the certificate. In addition, actual mountaineering prizes and gift certificates will be awarded.

Please note that the purpose of this program is to provide a wide array of professional development opportunities for staff and faculty. Completing pathway certificates of completion is not a requirement for participation. Additional information about each of the offerings in this program can be found by clicking the Professional Development tab on the People Development website.

Time frame

The program began in February of 2016. The requirements for each pathway will stay fairly consistent for the duration of this program and include additional offerings as new and innovative topics become available.


Each pathway has a designated guide. Participants completing the requirements of a pathway are responsible for tracking their own progress and maintaining communication with the guide of that particular pathway. When a staff or faculty member completes a pathway, they must submit a Pathway Completion Form to the guide of that pathway for approval. Also be sure to look under the heading Requirements for Completion within each pathway for any additional requirements.

The Pathways and their respective mountains and coordinators:

1. Campus Safety Pathway (Pikes Peak)-Christina Atwood

2. Departmental Pathway (Mt. Lincoln)-Greg Giesen

3. Inclusive Excellence Pathway (Sunlight Peak)-Rufina A. Hernández

4. Leadership Pathway (Mt. Elbert)-Greg Giesen

5. LinkedIn Learning Pathway (Mt. Massive)-Greg Giesen

6. Personal Growth Pathway (Mt. Bierstadt)-Greg Giesen

7. Professional Development Pathway (Mt. Evans)-Greg Giesen

8. Supervisory Skills-1 Pathway (Grays Peak)-Shannon Seales

9. Supervisory Skills-2 Pathway (Torreys Peak)-Shannon Seales

10. Sustainability Pathway (Quandary Peak)-Chad King

11. Team Development Pathway (Mt. Princeton)-Greg Giesen

12. Wellness Pathway (Longs Peak)-TBD

13. WAND Pathway (Mt. Harvard)-Tali Koziol Thomason

Congratulations to the following staff/faculty for completing one or more of the Colorado 14ers Pathways:
  • Melinda Edgerton--LinkedIn Learning Pathway
  • Pat Kavanagh--LinkedIn Learning Pathway
  • Stephanie Greenberg--Professional Development Pathway
  • Max Manoles--Campus Safety Pathway
  • Brianne Rau--Professional Development Pathway
  • Melinda Egerton--Professional Development Pathway
  • Mira Morton-Luna--LinkedIn Learning Pathway
  • Brianne Rau--LinkedIn Learning Pathway
  • Zachary Ganger--LinkedIn Learning Pathway
  • Kimberly White--LinkedIn Learning Pathway
  • Karen Gross--LinkedIn Learning Pathway
  • Courtney Niebrzydowski--Wellness Pathway
  • Brooke Ludemann--Inclusive Excellence Pathway
  • Melinda Edgerton--Personal Growth Pathway
  • Mike Bleier--Personal Growth Pathway
  • Rachel Riley--Professional Development Pathway
  • Sarah Perske--Supervisory Skills-1 Pathway
  • Kimberly White--Personal Growth Pathway
  • Tamera Trueblood--Inclusive Excellence Pathway
  • Kimberly White--Supervisory Skills-1 Pathway
  • Kimberly White--Supervisory Skills-2 Pathway
  • Brooke Ludemann--Personal Growth Pathway
  • Michael Bleier--Wellness Pathway
  • Noelle Strom--LinkedIn Learning Pathway
  • Amanda Hodge--LinkedIn Learning Pathway
  • Anne Enderby--Inclusive Excellence Pathway
  • Hope Wisneski--Wellness Pathway
  • Mira Morton Luna--Professional Development Pathway
  • Christy Statema--Inclusive Excellence Pathway
  • Leanne Bokinskie--Wellness Pathway
  • Brooke Ludemann--Professional Development Pathway
  • Monica Humble--Campus Safety Pathway
  • Jamie Dinneen--LinkedIn Learning Pathway
  • Stephanie Roberts--Inclusive Excellence Pathway
  • B. Tali Koziol Thomason--Professional Development Pathway
  • Noelle Strom--Professional Development Pathway
  • Meredith Lawlor--LinkedIn Learning Pathway
  • Noelle Strom--Supervisory Skills-1 Pathway
  • Nicolette Howell--Professional Development Pathway
  • Noelle Strom--Campus Safety Pathway
  • Sarah Childs--Supervisory Skills-1 Pathway
  • Sarah Perske--Supervisory Skills-2 Pathway
  • Juli Parrish--LinkedIn Learning Pathway
  • Alexandra Houlis--LinkedIn Learning Pathway
  • B. Tali Koziol Thomason--Wellness Pathway
  • B. Tali Koziol Thomason--Personal Growth Pathway
  • Sarah Thorstenson--LinkedIn Learning Pathway
  • Jessica Bartley--LinkedIn Learning Pathway
  • Noelle Strom--Inclusive Excellence Pathway
  • B. Tali Koziol Thomason--Inclusive Excellence Pathway
  • Noelle Strom--Wellness Pathway
  • Noelle Strom--Supervisory Skills-2 Pathway
  • Marketing, Communications, & Events for the Ritchie School--Departmental Pathway
  • Noelle Strom--Personal Growth Pathway
  • Gretchen Hefner--LinkedIn Learning Pathway
  • Shannon Willis--LinkedIn Learning Pathway
  • Psychology Department--Departmental Pathway
  • Andrea Sullivan--Personal Growth Pathway
  • Elaine Belansky--LinkedIn Learning Pathway
  • Andrea Phelps--Campus Safety Pathway
  • B. Tali Koziol Thomason--Supervisory Skills-1 Pathway
  • Amanda Carroll--LinkedIn Learning Pathway
  • Kara Duggan--Inclusive Excellence Pathway
  • Kelly Bitner--Leadership Pathway
  • Jacquelyn Villa--Supervisory Skills-1 Pathway
  • Noelle Strom--WAND Pathway
  • Jill Weddle--LinkedIn Learning Pathway
  • Alix Saunders--WAND Pathway
  • Nikki Bosch--Inclusive Excellence Pathway
  • Andrea Sullivan--Inclusive Excellence Pathway
  • Krista Beckman--Inclusive Excellence Pathway
  • Ronda Westhoff--Campus Safety Pathway
  • Shanna Pomager--Supervisory Skills-1 Pathway
  • Ashley Davis--Inclusive Excellence Pathway
  • B. Tali Koziol Thomason--Leadership Pathway
  • Sarah Buenavidez--Supervisory Skills-1 Pathway
  • Ethan Taylor-Pierce--Campus Safety Pathway
  • Arielle Frost--LinkedIn Learning Pathway
  • Stephanie Girard--Campus Safety Pathway
  • Michael Gibson-Light--LinkedIn Learning Pathway
  • A.J. Myers--LinkedIn Learning Pathway

Below is an older [email protected] show where Greg Giesen explains the Colorado 14ers People Development Program:



  1. Who can participate in this program?
    This program is for all staff and faculty at DU.
  2. How did this program come about?
    Professional development is an important aspect of our Engaging Community outcomes as well as contributing to Impact 2025 Strategic Initiatives. The University is approaching professional development for our employees in a way in which it has not been looked at before. This is such an important aspect to developing an engaged, productive, and supportive environment in which we can all thrive. Many of us have experienced our own professional development opportunities in our career and we know how fruitful that experience can be.

    As a result, the People Development team in Human Resources has been working hard at creating a wide variety of learning opportunities for our employees, including this program.
  3. The program is very comprehensive. Where do I start?
    There are multiple ways to answer this question. Below are some initial suggestions:
    • Start with a coaching session with either Greg, Ken, or Shannon from the People Development team. We'll walk through the program with you and help you put a plan together.
    • Talk with your immediate supervisor to identify some areas he/she would like you to develop in and start with those classes/programs.
    • Pick classes/programs that address personal interests of yours and go from there. Try out some classes too. Just get your feet wet for now.
    • Identify the skills you would like to develop that will provide opportunities for growth and advancement.
  4. Where can I get more information on all of these classes and programs, including how to register?
    There is a Master Class List in the Colorado 14ers section of the People Development website that has descriptions of each class, dates/times, and registration information. Also check the 3-month calendar on the People Development website for many of the classes. Each will have a link for registration. You can also go to the specific website of the department putting on the event. Please note that most (but not all) of the registration for these classes and programs will be through PioneerWeb. You can also contact Greg Giesen ([email protected]) for any additional information.
  5. Can non-managers take supervisory classes?
    Not only can non-managers take supervisory classes, we encourage it. After all, we want to provide as many avenues as possible to help staff and faculty grow and develop.
  6. Do we have to go for the pathway certificates or can we simply take random classes?
    The certification component for each of these pathways is optional. If your motivation is to focus and complete a particular pathway, then we'd like to recognize you with a certificate of completion. If your motivation is simply to take classes of interest across the board, then by all means do that!
  7. How can I encourage my staff to take advantage of this program?
    It will be important to not only encourage your staff to participate but to allow them the time to take the classes and programs. Both are equally important. Consider cascading a professional development goal for your entire staff using the performance management system as well. This would provide some added incentive if needed.
  8. How can I encourage my supervisor to let me participate in this program?
    We hope that all supervisors would support any of their employees who want to learn and improve themselves through this program. With that said, the more you can link a particular class, workshop, or program you want to take with a skill that you'd like to learn or improve at work, the more likely your supervisor will see that as a win-win; a win for you and a win for the department.

    Another option is to identify your growth areas at work with your supervisor and then put a plan together, using the Colorado 14ers program, to address those skills. We suggest using the performance management system to incorporate your professional development plan into goals.
  9. How will you verify that I completed the requirements for a particular pathway and what kind of cool stuff do I get for completing it?
    Because this program offers such a variety of classes, workshops, conferences and activities from all over campus and beyond, we've decided to put the responsibility on you, the learner, to keep track of all your various involvements throughout the 14ers program. For those of you going for a certification of completion in a particular pathway, we ask that you fill out a pathway completion form once you have met the minimum requirements. The link to that form can by found on the People Development website. The form will ask you to list all of the classes/programs/activities that you completed and answer a few questions on each about what you learned and how you might incorporate the learning, etc. Some pathways may require additional information as well.

    Contact the respective pathway guide upon completing the form to see what else you might need. Once all required information is submitted, the pathway guide will verify that you've successfully completed the requirements.

    Regarding all the cool stuff you'll get for completing a pathway, you'll get a certificate of completion from the People Development team along with some mountaineering swag as well.
  10. If you plan on adding classes, etc., to individual pathways, will the minimum requirements go up for these as well?
    We will add classes, new programs, and activities to each pathway as the Colorado 14ers program evolves but we will keep the same requirement criteria for the certification of completion. And...if you'd like to teach or propose a class, please let us know.
  11. I took one of the classes in a pathway last year. Can I still get credit for it in your program?
    Of course. Each pathway guide will be happy to discuss previous classes/programs that you've taken that might apply towards the certification of completion requirement. Because each pathway is different, we'll let you and the particular pathway guide come to an agreement together.
  12. Can anyone take the Campus Safety classes or are they for just Campus Safety people?
    All pathway classes/programs are for all staff and faculty at DU.
  13. Is LinkedIn Learning new and where are these recommended playlists?
    LinkedIn Learning was We encourage you to try it out at Contact the People Development team for that list.
  14. Are all these classes and programs free for staff and faculty?
    Although most of the classes and programs are free for staff and faculty, some do require a modest fee or tuition-reimbursement. That information if notated on the specific class or program.
  15. Where can I get additional information?
    Contact the particular pathway guide if you have questions regarding a pathway. Contact Greg Giesen [email protected] if you have a general question.
Pathway Completion Form

Individual Pathway Completion Instructions
For every required and optional class/program/experience completed, please provide the following information (in the boxes below). If you only had 8 options to complete, you only complete 8 boxes, etc.:

  1. The name/date of the class/program/experience
  2. What you learned from it (short paragraph)
  3. How you might apply the learning to your work or your life (short paragraph), and
  4. If you climbed the particular 14er or walked the flat version of the 14er, send the jpg photo to your pathway guide for verification.

*Please note that short, one-sentence responses to the required questions are not acceptable and you'll be asked to supply more information.

After submitting this completion form/survey, contact the designated pathway guide for next steps.

Departmental Pathway Completion Instructions
For every optional class/program/experience completed by 75% or more of your department/staff/team, please provide the following information (one per box below):

  1. The name/date of the class/program/experience
  2. The names of your department/staff/team members who participated
  3. A statement on how the event benefited your department/staff/team, and
  4. If 75% of your department climbed the particular 14er together or walked the flat version of the 14er together, send the group photo to Greg Giesen ([email protected])

After submitting this completion form/survey, contact Greg Giesen for next steps.

Registration Information

Registration for the majority of classes and workshops in the Colorado 14ers will be through PioneerWeb (click Employee, go to Training and click the appropriate category--usually Professional & Career Development or Management & Supervisory--then click through the options until you see the class). Dates/times/location for each entry can be found on PioneerWeb or the training calendar. The Master Class List describes all the classes, programs and activities (see below). Also know that we advertise upcoming classes through the DU Digest. Lastly, if the location shows TBD, that means we are still waiting on confirmation.