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Professional Development Speaker Series

Welcome to our speaker series. Each academic year we are proud to bring a speaker line-up that is diverse, educational, inspirational, and entertaining. Our last speaker for this academic year is our entertaining speaker...and what an entertaining speaker we have!

To register for Josh or Steve, go to PioneerWeb – Employee – Professional & Career Development – Check event – Click Continue. Please note that the events are listed by speaking title not speaker. 

Josh Blue: A Funny Thing Happened The Other Day...

Wednesday, May 9th
3-4:30pm, Margery Reed Hall, Reiman Theatre

Josh Blue has been a fast-rising star since first appearing on Comedy Central's "Mind of Mencia" before gaining the attention and endearment of the country as the winner on NBC's "Last Comic Standing."  Josh is a diverse and triumphant individual - hilarious stand-up comedian, stand-out guest star on television, talented artist, and stellar U.S. Paralympic Soccer player. 


Steve Spangler: The Science Guy

Wednesday, September 19th
11:30-1:00pm, Professional Development Kick-Off Luncheon, Room TBD
Steve Spangler is well-known for his work as a funny and engaging science guy on stage, television and as a YouTube celebrity. He's a leading science engagement influencer for top brands and organizations who want have impact and influence in today's market place. Spangler is an authority on STEM education with more than 1,800 television appearances to his credit. He's a regular guest on the Ellen Show where he never fails to entertain the Burbank Fire Department. Steve is the host of the three time Emmy nominated television series DIY Sci airing on FOX affiliates nationwide. Steve Spangler is a best-selling author, an Emmy award-winning television personality and a Hall of Fame Speaker Inductee.
Steve Spangler