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Institute for Human-Animal Connection

Institute for Human-Animal Connection

Message from the DIrector

Welcome to the Institute for Human-Animal Connection

Hello, 你好, Hallo, Jambo, Bonjour, Namaste, Halo, Ciao, Oi, Ahoj, Hola, Merhaba, Ya'at'eeh,

No matter where you are from or where you call home, we are happy you have arrived at the Institute for Human-Animal Connection. We are located in the Graduate School of Social Work at University of Denver, in Denver, Colorado, USA.

Few organizations focused on the human-animal bond can claim to have a more compelling and contemporary focus. Admittedly our mission is broad, frequently global in scope, but we have become convinced that we are required to embrace a perspective that views the living world as intimately connected, where human and non-human animals have a shared agenda. Increasingly, it is becoming clear that humans optimum health and resiliency occurs in the presence of other healthy living systems, whether it is a pet in our home deserving to be properly cared for or recognition that our global biodiversity health and ecological systems provide us a needed life support systems and also need our appreciation. Everyone has differing ideas for the best way to improve the world around them, but at the Institute for Human-Animal Connection, we believe that one of the most important ways is to intentionally elevate the value of the living world around us and explore this connection through the lens of contemporary education, science, research, advocacy and ethics with respect for all species.

Recognized for Human-Animal Interaction Studies

The Institute for Human-Animal Connection is an internationally recognized center for research, ethics formation and clinical training, as well as a respected source of scientific and scholarly information on human-animal connections. I would like to invite you to explore the range of important and innovative programs offered through the Institute for Human-Animal Connection and to get to know our remarkable affiliated faculty, staff, fellows, scholars- and researchers-in-residence. We also hope that you will take time to introduce yourself by registering as a friend of the Institute for Human-Animal Connection. Our academic programs are designed to support our students on campus with focus on educating Master of Social Work (MSW) and social work PhD candidates to incorporate animal-assisted interventions in human service settings across the lifespan, with nationally and internationally recognized best practices and evidenced-based approaches. Distance is no longer a barrier, as we also offer state of the art distance learning technology that allows us to work with students from virtually every continent on Earth.

Philip Tedeschi

In this current day, we are compelled to seek a relationship with animals that recognizes and respects the importance of our shared connections and the many benefits a healthy and humane planet offers us all.

Thank you for your interest in the Institute for Human-Animal Connection.

We hope you will join us.

Philip Tedeschi