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Institute for Human-Animal Connection


Recent Publications

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  • Bexell, S.M., Jarrett, O. S., & Xu, P. (2013). The effects of a summer camp program in China on children's knowledge, attitudes and behaviors toward animals: a model for conservation education. Visitor Studies (16)1:59-81.
  • Bruns, D., Meyer, L. J. (2013). Exploration of Affirmation of Childhood Molestation (Sexual Abuse) in Chronic Pain Patients, Acute Pain Patients, Community Patients With Pain and Community Non-Patients without Pain. Pain Practice

  • Davis, T., Gorgens, K., Shriberg, J., Godleski, M., & Meyer, L. (2013). Making meaning in a burn peer support group: Qualitative analysis of attendee interviews. Journal of Burn Care and Research (in press).

  • Fishbain, D., Lewis, J., Bruns, D., Meyer, L., Gao, J., Disorbio, J. M. (2013). The prevalence of smokers within chronic pain patients and highest pain levels versus comparison groups. Pain Medicine, 14, 403- 416.

  • Pearson, J.A. and Rollin, B.E. (2014). Ethics and welfare of U.S. service dogs: Unanswered questions and concerns. Manuscript under review (Anthrozoos)
  • Pearson, J.A. (2014). Animal use in animal-assisted interventions: A roadmap to ethical practice. Manuscript under revision (Anthrozoos)

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