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Institute for Human-Animal Connection

Institute for Human-Animal Connection


Learn More About the Human-Animal Connection

For more information on projects supported by the Institute for Human-Animal Connection, please explore the tools and resources listed on the menu to the left.

Assessment Tools

Researchers continue to develop new ways of measuring the human-animal bond, especially as the field of human-animal interaction grows. This section provides links to resources for learning about the different scales that are currently used to measure the bond as well as learning about animal cruelty assessments.

Colorado LINK Project

Here you can find links to the Colorado LINK Project web site, which provides information and resources to communities and professionals in Colorado to better understand and respond to the "LINK".

The "LINK" refers to the fact that abusive behavior can manifest in many interconnected ways in which violence toward animals overlaps with various forms of interpersonal violence including child maltreatment, family violence, maltreatment of at-risk adults and criminality.

The Colorado LINK Project collaborates with professionals in the community to raise awareness and develop effective intervention strategies. Key to this project are discipline specific, professional toolkits that have LINK information relevant to targeted professions.

Human-Animal Interaction (HAI)

Look here for information and resources to learn more about the various aspects of human-animal interaction, from guides for healthy companion animals to HAI research. 

Humane Education

This section contains resources, information and suggested literature related to Humane Education. Humane education generates compassion and knowledge about worldwide issues relating to human oppression, animal exploitation and environmental degradation. This philosophy teaches compassion and respect regarding issues of animal welfare, the environment and social justice for all living beings. Humane education teaches the principal of "most good, least harm", empowering humans to make compassionate choices. This method is effective because it teaches skills to live ethically and sustainably.

Kids' Corner

Find information, activities and games for kids as well as animal-themed camps in Colorado in our Kids' Corner resources section. It's never too early for kids to start learning about animals and animal welfare!