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Director's Message

James GriesemerIdeas matter. They frame our understanding of the world, influence our perception of events, and shape the nature of our civilization. While ideas can spring from many sources, universities and colleges play a key role as society's incubators of ideas.

Ideas are the essence of the academy, the raison d'être for institutions of higher learning. The way in which universities and colleges develop, nurture and transmit ideas—knowledge, information, understanding and more—defines their place in and value to society.

Consistent with the University of Denver's commitment to serving the public good, the purpose of DU's Engaging Ideas series is to bring information from the academy to the community in a way that makes ideas accessible and helps viewers think about real-world questions. Through interviews with DU faculty and other experts, the series examines emerging trends, new findings and innovative thinking from the sciences, engineering, humanities, business, politics, law and other fields.

The goal of the Engaging Ideas series is straightforward. The purpose is to share ideas grounded on thoughtful inquiry—rather than casual opinion or ideological predilection—to encourage informed discussion about important matters of our time and, thereby, help to serve the public good.

Dr. James Griesemer, Professor and Dean Emeritus
Director, University of Denver Strategic Issues Program