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Engaging Ideas

The Changing World of Cable TV

Challenges for providers; opportunities for customers

This Engaging Idea explores the changing environment that has forced cable providers to adopt new strategies and looks at new opportunities for consumers.


photo of Ronald Rizzuto

Ronald J. Rizzuto is the Endowed Chair of International Executive Education and Professor of Finance at the Daniels College of Business. An expert in the big picture of acquisitions and finance, he has been a Daniels professor since 1975, specializing in corporate mergers, strategic partnerships and acquisitions, consulting with major energy, transportation, telecommunications and banking corporations, both U.S. and internationally based. He has performed extensive research on energy, telecommunications and transportation companies. He is a senior fellow of the Bob Magness Institute, was inducted into the Cable TV Pioneers in 2004 for service to the cable industry, received the Daniels College of Business Faculty Award for Excellence in 2003, received the Daniels Institute Leadership Award from the Institute for Executive and Professional Development in 2002 and was co-director of the Bob Magness Institute from 1995–2000.

Rizzuto has extensive media expertise and has been quoted by local, regional and national press, including boradcast news and the New York Times. He is particularly adept at explaining complex financial situations of specific companies to a broader audience. 

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Questions for personal reflection or group discussion

  1. What type of video service do you have—does it include any OTT services? What was your motivation (s) for selecting an OTT service?
  2. What are the factors that you find most confusing about today’s video landscape?
  3. What is your outlook for the video landscape in 2 years? 5 years?
  4. How has your video viewing changed over the past three years? What has caused your shift in viewing habits.

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