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Engaging Ideas

Understanding Diabetes

A cell's-eye view of diabetes, insulin and new medical approaches

This Engaging Idea takes a cell's-eye view of diabetes and insulin and explores important research being conducted at the University of Denver.


Photo of Cedric Asensip


Cedric Asensio is an assistant professor in the department of Biological Sciences at the University of Denver. Professor Asensio obtained his B.S. and PhD at the University of Geneva in Switzerland, and completed his postdoctoral training at the University of California San Francisco (UCSF).

He has published fourteen papers in peer-reviewed journals, has funding from the American Diabetes Association, American Heart Association, and National Institute of Health. Dr. Asensio serves has an editor for the academic journal Heliyon. His research interests are in the general area of cell biology, with a particular focus on the molecular mechanisms controlling neuroendocrine secretion.


 More on the Subject

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Questions for personal reflection or group discussion

  1. What role does basic research play in our society?
  2. Can you think of examples where basic research has impacted your life?
  3. Could the private sector (e.g., pharma) be successful without the fundamental knowledge generated by academic research?
  4. How do you learn about new scientific findings?
  5. How can basic scientists connect better with a general audience?

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