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Rebuilding the Common Block

This option will appear as a sub-option of Change Menu on your main menu only if you have:

1. The Professional Edition.

2. Visual Basic and the model code. This option is for model-builders only and requires both technical skills and a site license. Inside the IFsInit.mdb file in the \Code directory, the DevelopmentMode$ variable must have a True specification to activate the option.

You will use this option when you have

1. Changed the variables in IFSVAR.mdb (additions or deletions).

2. Changed dimensionality within the model (either by changing the maximum permissible regionalization in FRM_IFS or by changing other dimensions in IFS.GRP.

After completing a rebuild of common, you must:

1. Exit the model and Visual Basic.

2. Restart Visual Basic and the model (this loads the newly revised files with the altered common block).

3. Rebuild the base (because rebuilding common changes dimensionality and therefore sets all values in IFSBASE.RUN to 0.0 to avoid errors).

4. Rerun the model.