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Fish Production

The production of fish has two components, wild catch and aquaculture. Total global wild fish catch ( ofscth ), and each region's share in it ( rfsshr ) are exogenous parameters that can be set by the user.

The amount of aquaculture (AQUACUL) in the first year is provided by historical data; these values can be modified by the user. Production is assumed to grow over time. The default growth rate in the first year for all countries is 3.5 percent, but this value can be modified by the user, by country, with the parameter aquaculgr . This growth rate declines to 0 over a number of years given by the global parameter aquaculconv . Finally, users can change the amount of aquaculture production, by country, with the multiplier aquaculm .

ag equation 14


aquaculgrr,t declines from aquaculgrr,t=1 to 0 over aquaculconv years

Total fish production (FISH) is given as:

ag equation 15