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We have added 3 parameters to control Morbidity.

Name Description Dimensions Default Horizon
hlmorbm Target Morbidity Multiplier None -1 All Years
hlmorbconv Convergence to Target Morbidity None 20 All Years
hlmorbtomortgthport Morbidity to Mortality growth portion Disease sub-types (15) 1 All Years

The first one works as a both a switch and a multiplier; in terms of its functioning as a switch, a value of -1 will turn it off.  When it is given a value above 0 it functions as a multiplier. The multiplier works as a portion of initial morbidity to compute Target morbidity, so that if you set it to 1, it will keep morbidity constant, and if you set it to 0 it will  eliminate morbidity. The second parameter is used to indicate how many years to converge from the regular Health Module morbidity to the Target morbidity.  Note that if you want to keep morbidity constant you need to change the convergence parameter to 0 to avoid using Health Module morbidity at all.

The last parameter controls the change rate of morbidity as described in the topic on this issue.