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Show Computed Functions

To access Show Computed Functions, click on Data Analysis on the Main Menu of IFs.

By clicking on Show Computed Functions, you will be presented with a menu that looks similar to the one pictured below:


The box that is located in the middle of your screen holds hundreds of functions. If you click on the Extend List option right above this box, it will display an expanded list of functions.

In the Filter Functions box on the top of your page, type in any search terms for functions that you would like to see displayed and hit the Enter key. This will bring up all the functions/relationships that have your term(s) in their names.

After you have selected a function, choose the Graph option from the top of the menu and click on Draw. This will then display the function at the bottom of the screen along with the specific function and an R-Squared value.

Select one or more of functions if you would like to see multiple relationships on one screen. In order to select more than one function, highlight the first function, hold the Ctrl key and select a second function.