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Variable Selection Options

While exploring the Self-Managed (Full Variable/Parameter Selection) Display, some users will want to narrow down the number of variables/parameters for reasons of special interest or simplicity. This menu option allows users to have some control over the list of variables and parameters located in the Type Name Box.

Explain Names

Differentiates between parameters (lower case) and variables (upper case) in the Type Name Box.

Show Variables

Changes the list of names to show only variables (most users are interested in forecasted variables, not the parameters of equations).

Show Variables and Parameters

Changes the box entries back to both parameters and variables.

History plus Forecast

A subset of the forecasted variables has historical analogues in the database of IFs and this option changes the display to show only those. When it is active and you select a variable for display, a table or graph will show values from the earliest year available through the year before the base year from historic data and from the base year forward from the IFs forecast. It also activates several further sub-options (e.g. Use estimation to complete data) that determine the manner in which the historical data for this subset of variables will be treated.

Use estimation to complete data — activated by History plus Forecast selection

Many historical data are incomplete and this option turns on the use of interpolation and extrapolation to fill holes.

Use estimation to complete data (only holes no extrapolation) — activated by History plus Forecast selection

Only uses interpolation to fill holes.

Use all available historical data — activated by History plus Forecast selection

In tables or graphics produced with this option, historical data will be used, when available, for the forecast years and replace forecast values as well.

Exclude Total when using All Dimensions

When a non-geographical dimension exists, such as energy types, this option shows only the categories of the dimension, not a total.


This option selects the currency in which to display data or forecasts that are otherwise displayed in US dollars.