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Social Accounting Matrix

The Social Accounting Matrix can be reached from the Display option on the Main Menu, under Specialized Displays for Issues. It is also located under the Main Menu Map Pop-up options.

A social accounting matrix (SAM) is an extension of an input-output table that economists use to show the inter-sectoral flows of goods and services within an economy. The SAM more generally displays flows among actor-classes in the socio-economic system. For instance, the cell in the government column and household row shows flows from the government to households (such as pension payments). You can move across countries/regions or groupings and across years with the drop-down boxes. You can left-click on certain numbers on the SAM table and this will bring up a small window. From this window you can expand the contents of that cell, show the variable over time in a table, or explain the cell's contents. Alternatively, the entire matrix can be expanded by selecting the Expand SAM option under Switch. This option will disaggregate each cell of the accounting matrix into its component parts. For example, the row and column of Sectors will be disaggregated to Agriculture, Energy, Materials, Manufactures, Services, and ICTech.


Note: When toggling between stocks and flows, users may note that some of the stocks are not present. This is because this feature of IFs is not fully developed, in part because stock data is much less often reported in standard sources than are flow data.