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Customization of Parameters

The Exploring and Changing Parameters Topic explains the general use of the Scenario Tree to identify and begin to change parameters. The Fully Customize option calls up a specialized form that allows greater control over changes than the High/Low/Base radio buttons or the slider bar on the scenario tree form itself.

Alternative Ways to Use the Change Values Form:

Specify a Desired Value for One or More Years. You specify a desired numerical value, indicate the number of years you wish to repeat that value (one or more) and then touch the Change/Repeat button.

Interpolate to a Desired Value over Several Years. You specify a desired value, indicate the number of years over which you wish to interpolate to that value, and then touch the Interpolate button.

Cancel All Changes (only becomes active after you have made changes).  You touch the Cancel All Changes button to revert to the parameter values before you began making changes.

Move Forward or Backward Across Years. You touch the Previous Year or the Next Year buttons to move across time without changing parameter values.

The graphic in the upper right of the form will show you the changes made.  You can also use the slider bar below that graphic to make changes.

When changes are complete, Exit to Scenario Tree will take you back to the tree.