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Status Box for Display (Scenario Output Files)

This menu option of Self Managed Display Full Set of Variables/Parameters allows users to learn about and manage different scenarios and Run-Result-Files. Through this feature, you can take scenarios that you build in the Quick Scenario Tree and display different variables and parameters.

Explain File Numbering: Selecting this option brings up a new window that provides a brief explanation of Run-Result-Files.

Attach More Scenario Output Files: Most Run-Result-Files will be automatically found by IFs in the Runfiles sub directory of the IFs program directory. Occasionally, Run-Result-Files will have been saved in other locations. Selecting this option allows users to identify paths to additional directories of Run-Result-Files for display. This will open a new window that allows users to browse through their computer until they find the .run file they would like to display. Click the file you would like to display and then Open.

Explain Scenario Analysis: Selecting this option opens a new window that briefly explains scenario analysis.