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Display Options for Self Managed Display

After you have chosen the variables/parameters you would like to display, click on the Display option. This will bring up a new window. This window is important and useful for a number of reasons. For continued usability, the most important function is choosing the Select Names option on the menu and then Full Set in order to return to the previous screen. If you don’t remember this, you will have to continuously exit the program and re-enter. Most uses will use this screen for creating graphs or tables of their information. The information below helps you walk through those steps.

The following options are available to users from the Display Menu of the Self-Managed Display:

Select Names: This option allows users to

Standard Subset: This Self-Managed Display option provides users with a differently organized set of variables and parameters.

Full Set (of variables and parameters): This Self-Managed Display option allows users to return to the Self-Managed Display Main Menu.



Display Format:

Set Title, Display Interval or Year: This option allows users to change the presentation of their data. Selecting this will open a window that allows users to change the year they would like to display, the data interval and graph titles.

Currency: This feature allows users to access all currency valuations used in IFs. Users can also flag currencies by clicking the grey box located to the left of the country name. Results will be displayed in a selected currency when it is "flagged".

Format Table Legends: This option allows users to change graph labels.

Horizon: This Display feature allows users to alter the time horizon for which they would like to display.

Display Run Horizon: This allows users to select the time horizon they would like to display.

Run File Horizon Choice: When users are using multiple files, this option allows displays to be either of the shortest time horizon among the files being used or the longest time horizon.

Regional Displays: This feature allows users to display their data in map form, calculate the Gini Coefficient or display a Lorenz Curve.

History: After users have opened the IFs Base/Hist option on the Self Managed Display Full Variable/Parameter section of IFs and they have opened the Display window, this option will become available. From here, users can display data for validation or as a combination graph where the bar graph is the historic empirical data and the line graph is the historic forecast.