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Create Glist from Selection Status Box

This option can be found by accessing Full Variable/Parameter Self Managed display from the Display option located on the main menu of IFs and then selecting Variable Selection Options.

Glists are one way users are able to organize data into geographic regions. Currently, there are three different geographic units for display and organization: country/regions, groups and Glists. In order to create a Glist, a user must first select one variable/parameter for a select cohort of countries/regions or groups. Once these have been placed into the Selection Status Box, click on Variable Selection Options and then on Create Glist.

A window will appear that asks you to name your Glist. Once this is completed, a new window appears. It allows you to change the name of the Glist at the top of the screen, organize and delete Glists that are stored on your computer and more completely create your list. For example, if you only choose two groups with which to create your list, this window will allow you to add countries/regions or more groups to your Glist.

After a Glist has been created, click Update Name and then Continue. The Glist has now been created, but, in order to make the change permanent, the IFs.MDB file must be manually coppied to the Data directory after exiting IFs.