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Create Variable List from Selection Status Box

As the title of this section implies, this feature of IFs allows users to create lists of variables that are not country/region, group or Glist specific that can then be displayed in Flex-Packaged Display. Selecting this option brings up a new window. From this window you can do the following:

List Name: Single-click on any list in order to place it in the Select a List box located at the top of the Create Variable List window. After your list appears in the Select a List box, you can change the display name, add or remove display variables or change the category under which your variable list will be grouped. If you would like to delete a list, simply double-click on the list.

Update List Name: After you have selected a variable list, it will appear in the upper-most box. Change the name by highlighting the entire name in this box and type in the new name you would like. After you have finished, click on the Update List Name button to change the name.

Variable Names: Select a variable name and it will be placed in the box titled Selected Variable Names. If you have multiple variables displayed in the Selected Variable Names box, it is possible to change their ordering by moving them up or down in the list or deleting them by double-clicking on their name.

Update Category or Legend Name: After you have made any change to a variable list that you would like to save, you must click Update Category and Display Title.