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Edit Display List

This feature is used to edit the types of Displayed available in Packaged Display.

First select a display list to edit. For instance, select “Democracy Level of Large Developing Regions” from the List Names box. Make sure not to double-click on the name, as the program will delete the display list. Clicking on the name should cause it to appear in the small box located at the top of the screen. Add the word “Test” to the end of the name. Click on the Update List Name button. Now, upon opening the Packaged Display, the renamed display list should be included in the list of display types located on the left side of the screen. Return to Edit Display List.

The next box down from the top of the screen is titled Selected Variable Names. This box shows the particular variables that make up a display list. With “Democracy Level of Large Developing Regions” selected, the four variables should be listed in the Selected Variable Names box. This display list is thus composed of four variables. Experiment with selecting other display lists to see of which variables they are composed. Simply double-click on a variable to delete if from a display list.

The user can change the category to which a display list belongs. Simply delete the current category name, and type in the desired category. The category name for the “Democracy Level of Large Developing Regions” display list is Governance. Delete the current category name and type in “Test”. Hit the Update Category and Display Title button. Now, open the Packaged Display, and scroll down in the Category column. The category “Test” should be located near the bottom of the column. To change the category name back to the original, simply repeat the steps used to change the name.