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Edit Glist

This feature allows users to edit the lists of groups included in the Flex Packaged Display, Self-Managed Display, Specialized Display, and Analyze Across Countries.

First, select a Glist to edit. For instance, select “Africa and Subregions” from the second box from the top. Make sure not to double-click on the name, as the program will delete that Glist. Clicking on the name should cause it to appear in the small box located at the top of the screen. Add the word “Test” to the end of the name. Click on the Update Name button. Now, upon opening the Flex Packaged Display, and then, under Grouping Options, selecting “Using Glists”, the renamed Glist should be included in the list of display types located on the left side of the screen. Return to Edit Display List, and simply reverse the steps to change the Glist to it’s original name

With the Glist “Africa and Subregions” still selected, take a look at the two boxes at the bottom of the screen. The box on the left shows the regions and/or groups of which the selected Glist is composed. The box on the right shows the countries, regions, and groups which the user can add to a Glist. The toggle switch located in the middle of the screen allow the user to display countries or regions/groups in the box on the bottom-right of the screen. Click on the “Groups” option on the toggle switch. Next, double-click on “ACC High Income”, from the list of groups in the box in the bottom-right section of the screen. That group should now appear in the list in the bottom-left side of the screen. To remove it from that list, simply double-click on it.