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World Bank Financial Flows

The World Bank Financial Flows sub-sub-option can be reached from the Display option on the Main Menu, the Specialized Display sub-option and then the World Bank Financial Flows sub-sub-option. It is also located under the Main Menu Map options.

A double-click on any variable name/data point will call up a table of data for that variable. The menu options of the table provide for the creation of a graph and also for printing of the result.


Use the drop-down boxes to change country/regions or the file. The Use Groups option toggles to a list of groups of countries/regions and becomes Use Countries/Regions so as to allow a toggle back.

See if you can create a graph that will forecast Mexico’s payment to the World Bank over a number of years in the future. Your results will depend heavily on what version of IFs you are using. Click on whatever variable you choose and then click on Show Over Time. This will present you with a table that will allow you to display the information in a number of different ways.