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Infrastructure Profile

Infrastructure Profile is a sub-sub option, located under Specialized Display, which in turn is a sub-option of the Display option on the main menu of IFs. Infrastructure Profile is also located under the Main Menu Map options.

Clicking on Infrastructure Profile allows the user to view multiple components of the infrastructure for a country/region or group, including: Water and Sanitation, Transportation, Energy, Information-Communications Technology (ICT), and Knowledge Systems. Most of these components are a composite of different variables. The value of each of these variables is displayed in four ways: Computed Value, Expected Value Predicted from GDP per Capita at Purchasing Power Parity (PPP), Standard Error of Estimate, and Standard Errors of Value from Prediction. The user can change the year displayed in the Infrastructure Profile up to 2100 by clicking on the ‘Select Year’ dropdown box at the top-center of the screen

The user can display the computed values for the variables over time in a table by clicking on a desired value. The table that appears displays the computed values over time according to several different scenarios. The user can also view a variable displayed in a graph by clicking on a given variable. After viewing the graph, the user can return to the Infrastructure Profile by clicking on continue.

Infrastructure Prof