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Health Proximate Driver Display

Health Proximate Driver Display is a sub-sub-option of Specialized Display, which is a sub-option of Display, which is in turn an option on the main menu of IFs. The Health Proximate Driver Display allows the user to view the level of a given driver and the effect of that driver on the level of mortality in a country/group or region over time.

To use this application, first select one or more proximate drivers. Next, the user may choose a country/group or region to display. The user can toggle through the different selections under the Grouping Options heading. After selecting a driver, other boxes may appear which offer ways to disaggregate the data represented by the driver according to gender, age, and types of access to safe water and sanitation. If displayed, the user selects the desired 2nd and 3rd dimensions, and then selects one or more files that display the trends of the data over time. The user then opts to view the data in a table or as a graph. By clicking on Display Options, the user can choose to view the level of the drivers, the effect on mortality of the driver, or both.

Health Proximate