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Mortality by Age, Sex and Cause

Mortality by Age, Sex, and Cause is located as a sub-sub option of Specialized Display, which is in turn located under the Display option on the main IFs page. The Mortality by Age, Sex, and Cause option is also found in the Main Menu Map options.

The Mortality by Age, Sex, and Cause option shows the distribution of number of deaths per 1000 people between males and females and between age groups. From this display feature, users can choose to look at the forecasted results of mortality for all countries or groups in the IFs model.

Mort Cohorts

The default country for viewing is Afghanistan, but this can be changed by clicking the Change Display feature at the top of the menu. From here, users can change the year, the output color and the country/region that is being shown. If you would like to change to displaying groups, simply click the Using Countries/Regions toggle located on this specialized display menu.

This standalone version also allows you to distribute the cause of mortality by a number of different factors. Click on the Distribution Type menu option. From here, select one of a variety of output variables.

Click on the Show Data feature to display a tabulated version of the inverted pyramid display.

Choose the Show Factors option to learn more about the results in these tables.

Finally, choose to normalize the data or keep it unnormalized.