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Summer Financial Aid Update

University of Denver Financial Aid

In this update:

  • Summer Aid Application Reminder
  • Summer Semester Disbursement of Aid and Refunds
  • Summer Enrollment Adjustments
  • 2017-2018 Award Letters
  • Student Loan Repayment Workshops
  • Upcoming Important Dates

Summer Aid Application Reminder

Are you planning to take classes during the summer semester? If you need student loans to help pay for your classes—and haven't already completed the application process—please submit the Summer Aid Application through PioneerWeb. Once submitted, you'll receive an email with information about your summer aid options after an advisor has reviewed your application.

Learn more about the application process and your eligibility for both institutional and federal aid on our website.

Summer Semester Disbursement of Aid and Refunds

Your DU tuition bill is due on May 20th. On that date, your financial aid for summer semester will disburse to your student account and will pay toward your charges—as long as all financial aid requirements are satisfied.

In order to receive your financial aid, you must:

  1. be registered for at least 4 credits,
  2. have accepted your financial aid through PioneerWeb, and
  3. have no outstanding requirements on the Law Student tab of PioneerWeb, (which are indicated by a red flag).

Expecting a refund? If your financial aid is more than the total of your charges, a refund will be generated by the Bursar's Office on Tuesday, May 23rd. If you have direct deposit, you can expect to see that refund in your bank account on May 24th.

Learn more about billing and disbursement >>

Summer Enrollment Adjustments

The last day to add or drop classes at 100% for summer semester is Tuesday, June 6th. On that date, we will verify your enrollment and make any necessary changes to your cost of attendance. If you are enrolled in fewer credits than what you indicated on your Summer Aid Application, your financial aid refund may be too large and we may need to return a portion of your loan funds back to the U.S. Department of Education (which will create a balance due with DU). If you are enrolled in more credits, you will receive a smaller refund to use for living expenses (if you planned to borrow for those).

If your actual enrollment is different than what you indicated on your summer aid application, please contact our office as soon as possible so we can make the necessary adjustments to your cost of attendance and financial aid.

2017-2018 Award Letters

Wondering when you'll receive your financial aid award letter for the 2017-18 school year? If you've applied for aid and completed all outstanding requirements, you should receive your award letter via email within the next week. These emails will be sent to your preferred address; verify that you have the correct email address on file by going to the Law Student tab of PioneerWeb and clicking on "Set Your Preferred Email Address."

Student Loan Repayment Workshops

Are you graduating at the end of spring semester and want to better understand the student loan repayment process? Attend an upcoming workshop! To learn more and to register, visit our website.

Upcoming Important Dates

  • Thursday, May 18th: Last day of spring semester
  • Saturday, May 20th: Financial aid disbursement for summer semester
  • Tuesday, May 23rd: Financial aid refunds for summer semester generated by the Bursar's Office
  • Tuesday, May 30th: First day of classes for summer semester
  • Tuesday, June 6th: Last day to add or drop classes at 100% for summer semester
  • Friday, June 16th: Last day to apply for summer aid

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Ph: 303.871.4020 • Fax: 303.871.2341 •

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