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Winter Interterm

LDRS 2100: Finding Your Way: Discovering Meaning & Purpose


LDRS 2100 - 4 credits

Course:       LDRS 2100
Course Title:       Finding Your Way: Discovering Meaning and Purpose
CRN:       1056
Online Course Dates:      December 19 - January 2, 2019
Travel Dates:      January 3 - 5, 2020
Location:      Black Forest, Colorado
Instructor:      Paul Michalec and Kate Willink
Registration Deadline:      November 15, 2019 or when course is full (SPACE IS LIMITED)

Course Description

The Finding Your Way retreat is an opportunity to slow down and identify your passion, deep commitment, and calling. To locate a more holistic center, a sovereign-self, away from the influences of academic work, social-networks, family, or self-imposed expectations. In the midst of the busy and compressed experiences of campus life it is easy to lose track of one's intrinsic drive, an internal-compass of meaning and purpose. The Finding Your Way retreat is an invitation to meet and develop relationships and sense of belonging with fellow DU students who are also struggling with finding ways to understand the emerging sense of self at the interface between the demands of academia, larger social pressures, and expectations from loved ones. Nationally the rates of depression, anxiety, burnout, cynicism, and loss of heart are increasing on college campuses. It seems that many students are in need of tools and strategies for locating meaning and purpose in their academic life, to make sense of the tension between self and external demands.

The Finding Your Way retreat will address these concerns by:

  • Disconnecting from the pace and intensity of campus life through dedicated time for rest and personal renewal;
  • Developing a more wholehearted and integrated self by exploring sources of fragmentation;
  • Seeking a deeper understanding of identity and sense of purpose through reflection;
  • Connecting with fellow DU students so as to develop a sense of collegial belonging; and
  • Experiencing the healing gift of being listened too at the deepest levels of your heart.

The Finding Your Way retreat is structured around the Courage to Teach practices and principles that have guided the inner-work of young leaders, students, teachers, physicians, faith leaders and members of the helping professions for over 20 years. You and group of 10-15 DU students are invited (not required), through small group conversation, reflective readings, personal time, journaling, and art to find your way toward wholeness. The retreat will provide participants with greater clarity on how to slow down and attend to one's deep sense of selfhood with courage, fearlessness, and imagination.

The actual travel portion of the course is from Friday, January 3 -Sunday, January 5, 2020 at La Foret Retreat Center in Black Forest, Colorado . The course will begin online on Thursday, December 19th and will have online assignments prior to the retreat in January. 

Approximate Travel Costs*

Program Fee:

  • $500 (Fee covers lodging, transportation, and course activity fees. Program fee will drop to $375 if 10 participants register for the course. Program fees are non-refundable.)


  • $5704 for 4 credits


Cancellation Fee:

  • $500 (Billed to student account in the event the student drops the course.)

 *These expenses are estimates subject to change.  

For more course information, contact Paul Michalec

Registration Information

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