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Office of Internationalization

Office of Internationalization

International Agreements

Agreements with institutions abroad are one part of DU’s efforts at internationalization. DU’s overall internationalization strategy is coordinated by the Office of Internationalization and the Internationalization Council. A main emphasis of the Office of Internationalization are strategic partnerships; other areas of Internationalization concentrate on language learning (English and other languages), study abroad for undergraduates, and international student and scholar support. The newly-launched Internationalization Collective focuses on internationalization at home (loosely defined as internationalizing the curriculum).

Divisional and school agreements with institutions abroad play an important role in serving the specific needs of DU’s academic departments and are complementary to overall Internationalization efforts.

Types of agreements include:

  • Letter of Understanding (LOU)
  • Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)
  • Agreement
  • Contract

Please refer to the Guide to Agreements between DU and Institutions Abroad for clarifcation on types of agreements, responsible parties, and sample agreements. There are also sample Word versions of the MOU and exchange agreement below.

Please see the agreement checklist for further clarification on what to include in your agreement before sending for review.

Agreement Checklist

Sample MOU

Sample Exchange Agreement