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Office of Internationalization

Office of Internationalization

Learn English at DU

Learn English at DU (LEADU) is three customizable one-week sessions: study one week, two weeks, or three! Upon completion of each week receive a certificate, upon completion of the complete three weeks receive a certificate of program completion.

Read below for more information.

LEADU Curriculum

English language learners

LEADU students will learn English in an intensive format, using the University and the Denver community as a laboratory to use English in real-life settings. The morning concentrates on English-language study, and the afternoons are topic-based, putting English into context, or activity-based, putting English into practice. The program is designed to be attractive to university students from around the world as well as executives and business people. While the students will be in English language classrooms together in the morning, they will break out into specialized groups for afternoon discussions and excursions. Lunch will be on campus most days, and students are encouraged to live in the University of Denver accommodations. Some lunches and some optional activities will be with students from the Summer Language Institute (SLI), creating a vibrant and collaborative learning environment.

English language studyClasses will be kept small to allow for maximal student participation, with a maximum of 15 students per class. Afternoon sessions and activities may combine students from different language sections to help maintain group cohesion and interest. Each week will concentrate on a theme of English language learning, English in Context, and English in Practice. Each week in the program will be focused on a different theme, and students can join the class during any given week. The week-long sessions are grouped overall into a three-week cycle. Class contact hours are 35 hours per week of instruction with the additional 5 hours of lunch time also in English. The week's themes are as follows:

  • WEEK ONE: Introduction and American campus culture and life, with a focus on business and international studies.
  • WEEK TWO: American popular culture and professional life.
  • WEEK THREE: American politics and the United States in the world.
  • Each Saturday is an optional excursion to the surrounding region, such as a Colorado Rockies baseball game or a trip to Rocky Mountain National Park.

LEADU's program is being developed by the faculty and staff of the English Language Center and the Office of Internationalization. LEADU course topics may change based on instructor availability and student interest. Download a sample curriculum outline here

The University of Denver and the City of Denver

Denver skyline

Denver is one of the most dynamic cities in the United States, and the University of Denver is home to a vibrant and international community of scholars and students, characterized by a spirit of exploration and adventure that draws from the nearby Rocky Mountains and the expansive landscapes of the American West. The city has a strong entrepreneurial culture, arts scene, and has unparalleled access to outdoor activities, from world-renowned ski resorts, kayaking, mountain and urban biking, and hiking. Denver is a metropolitan area of roughly 3,000,000 people, and is served by an extensive light rail and bus system, and is home to one of the world's busiest airports, with flights to cities across the United States and with direct flights to Japan, Europe, Canada, and Mexico. In early 2016, the city will open a train link from downtown to Denver International Airport.

Denver Art Museum

Denver's downtown is easily accessible from DU by light rail, and is the home to major museums and sports facilities. The DU campus boasts a major and cutting-edge athletic facility, a library that is the base of collaborative student academic work, and an arts facility that  is among the best in the country. The University of Denver plays a large role in Denver, and is a major international presence, hosting students from around the world for degree programs and the study of English.

Red Rocks The University of Denver's local-to-global emphasis also results in student opportunities all over the world. DU was ranked first among research universities for undergraduate study abroad participation in the most recent Open Doors report, with over 70% of undergraduates studying abroad for a term or longer. DU students study languages in the Department of Languages and Literatures and in the Center for World Languages and Cultures, which will hold a yearly Summer Language Institute that coincides with LEADU, creating a culture of language learning that is brimming with excitement and intercultural learning.

Proposed Costs

Proposed cost: $400 per week tuition + 100 per week activity and program fee ($1200 + $300 for a three-week block).

Proposed cost of an individual room is $45-$65 per night ($315-$455 per week, $945-$1365 for a three-week block). Note that the room costs are yet to be determined.

TOTAL COST: $815-$955 per week; $2445-$2865 for a three-week block. Fees include lunch five days per week. Optional Saturday excursions are charged separately.