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Office of Internationalization

Office of Internationalization

Strategic Partnerships

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 Priority Partnerships

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The University of Denver, through the Office of Internationalization, is exploring the establishment of a select number of strategic partnerships, beginning with Lund University in Sweden, the University of Western Australia in Australia, and the University of KwaZulu-Natal in South Africa. Priority partnerships include: the University of Glasgow, Universidade Católica Portuguesa Lisboa, Université de Lille, Tohoku University and Universidad San Ignacio de Loyola (Peru).

A strategic partnership builds on the traditional relationship between institutions (student exchanges, for example) to include broader-based cooperation such as faculty and staff exchanges and mobility: the intent of a strategic partnership is to include as much participation from the university as a whole in the cooperation between the institutions. Joint and coordinated courses and classes are encouraged, as are other ways of cooperating online and digitally. In addition, there may be the possibility of degree cooperation, dual or joint degrees, research partnerships, curricular partnerships, or other innovative joint ventures. The University of Denver is also looking at some joint governance with its strategic partners, involving both joint grant applications and DU's Internationalization Council. The ideal strategic partnership capitalizes on the strengths of each institution in a complementary fashion and involves a certain amount of mutual vision and belief in the benefits of the partnership itself.

Strategic partnerships can vary in intensity and do not imply that the many other agreements that a university may have with other institutions are somehow less important or valuable. In fact, strategic partnerships can strengthen the other relationships by bringing them into clearer focus and providing for a bridge between the various institutions.

One of the more innovative cooperation models the University of Denver is pursuing with some strategic partners is the Global Masters Scholars program, which is built on the strength of DU's study abroad programs and the research strength of the partner's graduate programs.

Global Masters Scholars (3+1+1) Program

A Global Masters Scholars program is an articulated agreement between a DU academic department, a strategic or priority partner institution, and the DU Office of Internationalization where the curriculum is mapped to ensure student success. The Global Masters model consists of the first 3 years of undergraduate study taking place at DU, then 1 year of study at the partner institution (DU's fourth year). The 3+1 portion of the degree (Bachelor's) will be awarded by DU, followed by the final 1 calendar year of study at the partner institution for a Master's degree awarded by the partner institution (students can apply for the Master's program at the partner institution during their final year of undergraduate study). Students enrolled at DU can opt into the Global Masters programs if they meet eligibility requirements at each university, DU's study abroad and exchange requirements, and any additional requirements specifically determined for any of the Global Masters programs. For more information on Global Masters Scholars, see here

Faculty and Staff Exchanges and Mobility

Internationalization Grants are available for faculty and staff wishing to pursue development opportunities with strategic partners. For more information see Internationalization Grants.

Strategic Partnership Lunch & Learn Series

As an effort to connect DU faculty, administrators, and staff to the growing international opportunities with strategic and target strategic partnerships, the Office of Internationalization hosts a lunch and learn series throughout the academic year. These sessions are held either when a relevant visitor from the partner is in Denver and/or when there are new developments to be announced. Please check back periodically for updates to the schedule.

Upcoming Strategic Partnership Lunch & Learns:

Check back for upcoming events in the 2018-19 Academic Year.