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Office of Internationalization

Internationalization Summit

Keynote Speakers

Internationalization Summit

The 7th Annual Internationalization Summit has been postponed and will no longer be held on April 3, 2020. A new date and details are forthcoming! 

Partner Reception Speaker

Roger Norum

Nordic by Nature: Environing International Education for the Anthropocene

Roger Norum, PhD
University Lecturer in Cultural Anthropology &
Co-Director of Environmental Humanities
University of Oulu


Roger Norum is University Lecturer and Co-Director of Environmental Humanities at the University of Oulu, Finland. He is a social and cultural anthropologist whose work focuses on the shifting practices of media, mobility and the environment, primarily among transient and precarious communities in the Arctic and Asia. His books, all co-authored/edited, include: Anthropocene Ecologies: Entanglements of Tourism, Nature and Imagination (2020), Migrantes (2019), Svalbard (2018), Methodologies of Mobility: Ethnography and Experiment (2017) and The Rough Guide to Finland (2010). He has conducted extensive fieldwork in the European Arctic and Nepal since 2008, and has coordinated two large, EU-funded research initiatives focusing on Arctic and environmental concerns. Dr. Norum earned his B.A. in Turkish and Arabic from Cornell and his D.Phil in Social Anthropology from Oxford. In his free time, he collects sofas, plays bluegrass guitar and learns languages.


Opening Remarks 

M. Tonts

Internationalising, Higher Education and the Challenge of Environmental Change in Australia

Matthew Tonts, PhD
Professor & Executive Dean, Faculty of Arts, Business, Law and Education
University of Western Australia


Matthew Tonts is Professor of Geography and Executive Dean of the Faculty of Arts, Business, Law, and Education. He has also held positions of Head of the University’s School of Earth and Environment, and Director of the Institute for Regional Development. Matthew’s research is focused on matters related to regional development, and he has published over 150 scholarly works that address long-term economic, social and environmental change in rural Australia and other Mediterranean settings. He has been an advisor to Australian State and Federal governments on regional development and has also worked in Africa, China, and North America.


Lunch Keynote Speaker - Scott Blair

Scott Blair

The Greening of Comprehensive Internationalization: Putting an End to Climate Inaction!

Scott G. Blair, PhD
International Higher Education Consultant, 
The Education Abroad Network
Assessment and Sustainability



Talk Summary

In meeting the challenge of our global environmental crisis, international educators play a leading role they hardly suspect—cultivating the changes in human knowledge, skills, attitudes, and behaviors that trigger sudden and radical societal transformation. By making lots of small eco-literate adjustments to global learning programs at home and abroad, international educators help create the conditions—i.e., social tipping points—that can change a world.

Through a committed cross-campus process of educational reform I call the greening of comprehensive internationalization, we set out a new agenda for the 21st-century University: Education for Sustainable Development. Given the stakes of our global crisis—nothing less than life as we know and love it here on planet Earth!—this is the only educational agenda that matters anymore. And alas, time is not on our side.

So, casting off business-as-usual pedagogical practices and taking on the role of teaching Homo sapiens an entirely new set of green learning outcomes and eco-literate behaviors—whatever one’s discipline or administrative position across campus and community—this is how international educators end climate inaction to help transform and heal our troubled world. Come to the keynote address to explore this important topic and learn what practical steps you can take to help foster the attitudes, skills, and behaviors we'll need to resolve our global environmental crisis.


Scott G. Blair, PhD, consults in higher education outcomes assessment and sustainability literacy at TEAN, The Education Abroad Network. Based in Paris, he has worked in education abroad for over 30 years—as onsite Resident Director, professor, Academic Director, education consultant, and Director of Assessment for US study abroad providers. Past Research & Scholarship Network Leader for the Teaching, Learning & Scholarship Knowledge Community of NAFSA, and recent member of Board of Directors at NSEE (National Society for Experiential Education), he advocates for assessing student learning outcomes in terms of climate sustainability, biodiversity and human equity. He served on the faculties of the University of New Haven, the Institut National des Sciences Politiques, the Institut National des Langues et Civilisations Orientales, and the American University of Paris. His research has appeared in Frontiers, Routledge and Stylus publications and he is a regular speaker at educational conferences on learning outcomes assessment and study abroad program design aligned to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Blair holds a doctorate in history from the Sorbonne, an MA in European history from Georgetown University, and a BA in English from Miami of Ohio.

See Scott's recent work: 

Blair, Scott G., (2015) "The health of nations: Adam Smith, internationalization and sustainable learning outcomes for the 21st century". EAIE Conference Conversation Starter.

Blair, Scott G., & Howard, Laura. (2018) "Supporting Sustainable Development in Higher International Education through EAIE". EAIE Poster.

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