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Interdisciplinary Research Incubator for the Study of (In)Equality (IRISE)

Message from the Assistant Provost

Tom Romero

Welcome to the University of Denver's Interdisciplinary Research Incubator for the Study of Inequality (IRISE). As an institute situated in the Office of Diversity and Inclusion, IRISE is the intellectual home for faculty and students to engage in the development of cutting edge interdisciplinary research on issues of inequality, social justice, and inclusivity. The penultimate outcome in this regard is to advance Inclusive Excellence, diversity, and equity at DU, as well as furthering DU's public good mission by extending and connecting this work across campus to locally diverse communities in a comprehensive and meaningful way.

Our signature program in this regard is the IRISE postdoctoral fellowship. Under this initiative, departments, programs, and units on campus have the opportunity to engage and mentor a promising scholar in their field or in an associated field. Through their work, postdoctoral fellows contribute to the mission of IRISE and larger University strategic initiatives designed to develop knowledge bridges to address complex problems and issues of inequality in Denver and the larger Rocky Mountain West.

The current cohort of five IRISE postdoctoral fellows will be in residence through the 2017-2017 academic year. During this time, they will be researching, teaching, and producing scholarship or creative arts that focus on five areas related to DU's Impact 2025: 1) Race, Inequality, Social Change and Policy; 2) Interdisciplinary Indigenous Studies; 3) Equity, Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math ("ESTEAM"); 4) Equity and Education; and 5) Environmental Justice and Sustainability.

In addition to our postdoctoral fellowship program, IRISE operates a variety of programs, events, and support structures for students and faculty. Through faculty-faculty, faculty-post-doc, faculty-student and DU-community relationships, we are excited to work with you to incubate, connect, build, and grow DU's reputation as a center of cutting-edge interdisciplinary research on issues of inequality, social justice, and inclusivity.

Recent events in higher education and around the nation speak to the paramount importance of research, scholarship, and teaching to address the most seemingly intractable problems of social difference, structural inequality, and disparate equity today. I encourage you to browse the IRISE website and all of our faculty and student research initiatives to see how DU will produce and convey knowledge for a diverse 21st century.

Tom I. Romero, II J.D., Ph.D.
Assistant Provost of Inclusive Excellence Research and Curricular Initiatives
Associate Professor of Law and Affiliated Faculty Member, Department of History