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Interdisciplinary Research Institute for the Study of (in)Equality

Interdisciplinary Research Institute for the Study of (In)Equality


Cultivating, Protecting and transforming the discourse on racial scholarship

Dear Friends of IRISE,

IRISE is thrilled to announce its kickoff episode of our RAGE podcast series. RAGE offers the perspective of critical scholars (season 1) and community activists (season 2) engaging in very public and oftentimes controversial conversations about racial and connected forms of social inequality. Listen to RAGE episode 1 featuring Dr. Melina Abdullah by clicking below. Seven more episodes in Season One will drop every Friday through June 7th.

RAGE accordingly offers critical insight into one of the most vexing topics of our day. In an era of Black Lives, the Wall, the Flint Water Crisis, and Standing Rock (to name but a few), everyone is talking about race. Not surprisingly, race scholars have often been front and center in these formulations as seen in scores of recent books, op-eds, essays, blogs, and articles and resulting backlash.

In higher education, we have either taken for granted or ignored altogether the emotional, professional, and even physical risks being undertaken by race scholars. Though race scholars have been being doing important and insightful scholarship, research and creative work for decades, the work has rarely led to any revolutionary change on our campuses or the communities that we serve. Instead, the work of race scholars has often been marginalized and silenced while polices, practices, and discourses of "color-blindness" and "post-racialism" have reigned supreme on our campuses and in our local politics. The result has often left race scholars silently raging at the intractability and inability of higher education to take racial privilege and anti-racist discourse seriously. RAGE follows host Dr. Tom Romero as he interviews race scholars around the country about the personal and professional challenges of academics committed to critical race methodologies in one's scholarship, teaching, and community engagement. Hoping to fill a void in public conversations about the rigor and risk of being a race scholar, each episode in season one will explore topics that resonate with questions about the role of academics as activists, artists, and scholars. Season two, which will debut in Fall 2019, examines some of these questions from the perspective of community activists who work with universities like DU. As season two will explore, community partners bring their own deep rooted expertise, epistemologies, and critical frameworks to tackling the racial challenges of our day.

RAGE hopes to raise the voices of critical scholars and community activists who collectively engage contemporary political discourses on racial inequality; connect the ivory tour to real life battles over race in our neighborhoods, schools, and political institutions; and navigate a national discourse of race with complex local manifestations. Ultimately, RAGE by IRISE offers listeners a deeper understanding of the importance of race scholarship to the production and dissemination of knowledge for impactful change.

Please contact us with any questions or feedback on RAGE. We welcome your suggestions and thank you for subscribing and spreading the word!