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International Student and Scholar Services

International Student & Scholar Services

Life at DU


Positioned right along the edge of the Rocky Mountains, Denver, Colorado is considered to be one of America's most naturally beautiful places. Located a mile high at 5,280 feet, Denver has semi-arid, varied weather with over 300 days of sun per year. Because of this, there are plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy in every season. In the summer, endless trails and rivers provide plenty of hiking and rafting opportunities for anything from a day trip to a week-long camping excursion. In the winter, DU students are only an hour or two away from some of the best skiing and snowboarding in the world. This includes famous slopes like Aspen and Vail, as well as locals' favorites, such as Beaver Creek and Copper Mountain.

When students are not heading into the great outdoors, there are many entertainment options within the city of Denver itself. There are numerous choices of restaurants, theaters, and shopping within a few blocks of the University. In the evening or on weekends, downtown Denver is just a short and free light rail ride away with the university-provided RTD pass. The accessibility from campus to everything Denver has to offer is a favorite perk for students — a car typically isn't needed to get around the city. Every major sports league in America has a team representing Denver, including football, soccer, baseball, hockey, basketball and lacrosse. There is always an opportunity to enjoy a game no matter what time of year. Denver also has an incredible arts culture, and any type of performing art, from ballet, to opera, to a rock concert, can be seen at the Denver Center for the Performing Arts.

Founded as a mining town in 1858, Denver has grown to be the most populous city in the state with 600,000 residents. Whether you want to spend your weekends hiking in the mountains or going to movies in the city, Denver is a great location with incredible opportunities for the outdoor enthusiast or urbanite. 

International student experiences


Sumaiya Sultana Tanu

City and Country: Chittagong, Bangladesh | Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Degree/Major: MSc. Mechanical Engineering, ICT

I graduated from the MSc Mechanical Engineering in August 2018. I previously worked as the graduate programming assistance for International Student Services at DU. Coming to Denver from UAE, I was so enthusiastic and hopeful to continue my higher education and broaden my aptitude in numerous aspects. I had to work hard, but I enjoyed it and was involved in a lot of cultural, student leadership and organizational activities: Culturefest, Lunch & Learns, International Student Council. Denver is a great place to be a student. I got a lot from university: good qualifications, friends from different places and backgrounds, a wider view of the world. Denver offers a fairly comfortable road to independence: experience leaving home and looking after yourselves in a relatively safe environment. When asked what I enjoyed most about DU, I loved having fabulous professors I could learn from and having the opportunity to partake in diverse discussions while working at I-house and meeting amazing individuals from across the globe!

  • Cultural involvement: CultureFest Planning Board, Annual Ramadan Planning, Cultural Center
  • Affiliations: ChickTech, Society of Women Engineers SWE, ASME
  • Work experience: Graduate Student Assistant at ISSS, Engineer at Ahead Wind and Frontier Airlines.
  • Things you liked about being in Denver: The mountains are breath-taking!

Walid Hedidar

City and Country: Tunis, Tunisia
Degree/Major: BA Anthropology and International Studies

My four years at DU were very eventful and I had a great experience being a student here. The quarter system allowed me to pursue a double major and it was great being able to take classes at the Korbel school, which is distinguished nation-wide for its faculty and international studies courses. I also enjoyed studying abroad for a full academic year, which allowed me to pursue broader academic and professional interests. DU has great support systems and resources for students and being in Denver allowed me to build connections and relationships with people from different fields and backgrounds.

  • Cultural involvement: ISO, Undergraduate Student Government, CultureFest planning board, and memberships in MSA and African Students United
  • Work experience: I worked as a tour guide for the Admissions office, Public Achievement Coach with the Center for Community engagement and Service Learning, and Career Peer Advisor with the Office of Career and Professional Development
  • Work/Study Abroad experiences: Geneva, Switzerland (I did research on student cultural diversity) and Paris, France (I interned at the Ministry of National Education and Youth)
  • Things you liked about being in Denver: The year-long sunshine, the mountains, the food and restaurants

Roman Shrestha

City and Country: Chitwan, Nepal
Degree/Major: BS Chemistry

I'm a sophomore studying Chemistry, with minors in Business administration, Entrepreneurship, and Mathematics. My experience at DU, so far, has been wonderful. With every challenge, I have found people around to help me navigate. The faculty and staffs at DU are amazing. Being an international student, I have seen, observed, and experienced a lot of transitioning and adjustments in terms of culture, traditions, academics, communication styles, and many more. With time and available DU's resources, the transitioning got easier. I like Denver's weather, which doesn't stay cold and gloomy for days. I like that there are a lot of mountains and hiking trails in Colorado, and it's such an outdoorsy place.

I work as an Undergraduate Teaching Assistant at the Chemistry Department and am also an Undergraduate Student Researcher. I also serve as the Chair for Internationalization Committee and Senator for College of Natural Science and Mathematics at the Undergraduate Student Government. I am involved with Culture Fest planning board, and International Student Organization. Oh, I am also a big soccer fan!