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International Student and Scholar Services


OPT Reporting

EMPLOYMENT Reporting Requirements

Immigration regulations require F-1 students to report OPT employment within 10 days of starting or stopping work. Failure to report OPT employer details could result in the termination of F-1 status by USCIS.

Students can now report their OPT employer details through the SEVP Portal.

The portal account is linked to the student's DU.EDU email address which will remain active while on OPT. To access DU email, go to

SEVP Portal Troubleshooting Tips

 For details on how to report different types of employment, please refer to OPT Reporting Requirements.

Please note that students do NOT need to inform ISSS of OPT employment changes that have been reported through SEVP Portal.

Reporting Employment Through ISSS

If a student is unable to report OPT employment through the SEVP Portal, ISSS can submit the information to SEVIS. When reporting OPT employer information, please email with the following details and DU student ID so that we can properly update SEVIS.

  • Name of company
  • Company address
  • Start date of employment
  • Indicate if position is part-time (20 or less hours/week) or full-time (more than 20 hours/week)
  • Short explanation of less than 1000 characters including spaces (approximately 150-175 words) describing how your employment is related to your coursework and degree at the University of Denver
  • Last date of employment with previous OPT employer (if applicable)
  • Current residential address


While in F-1 status on OPT, it is still necessary to report certain changes within 10 days of their occurrence:

  • Change of residential address including phone number or personal email address
    • Log into PioneerWeb  Select the myWeb tab. Then click Personal Information, and then Update Addresses and Phones. 
      • Update the MAILING address to your current U.S. residential address. [Do not enter a non-US address even if you are temporarily outside the US.]
      • Update the HOME address only if your permanent international address has changed. [Do not enter an address inside the U.S.]
  • Report the following changes to ISSS (
    • Change of legal name - provide copy of new passport biographical page
    • Change of immigration status - include evidence of new status such as I-797 Approval Notice
    • Permanent departure from the United States