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International Student and Scholar Services

International Student and Scholar Services

Learning Without Borders

International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) supports internationalization at the University of Denver by serving as a resource to students, faculty, and staff in meeting the needs of the international community on campus.

Our Mission

The mission of ISSS is to assist international students and scholars to succeed academically, personally, and professionally during their time at DU, and to provide advice and support to help them remain in legal immigration status.

update on executive order (june 28, 2017)

*In a June 26, 2017 decision, the U.S. Supreme Court partially granted the government's request to stay the preliminary injunctions on the 90-day travel ban. The decision, however, contains an important exception that upholds the injunction for individuals "who have a credible claim of a bona fide relationship with a person or entity in the United States." To qualify as a bona fide relationship with a U.S. entity, the Court states that "the relationship must be formal, documented, and formed in the ordinary course, rather than for the purpose of evading EO–2." The Court gives the following examples of individuals who would likely have the required "bona fide relationship" with a U.S. entity, and therefore would remain exempt from the 90-day ban: Students who have been admitted to a U.S. school; Workers who accept an offer of employment from a U.S. employer; and Lecturers invited to address an American audience.

The Supreme Court also formally lifted the injunction on the government's study that could lead, under section 2(e) of the executive order, to an indefinite ban on entry by nationals of countries that do not provide the U.S. government with sufficient information on their citizens who are applying for U.S. visas or immigration benefits.

Resources on the recent Executive Order litigation: 

*Executive Order Travel Ban: NAFSA Resources

AILA: Practice Alert: DHS and DOS Implementation of Executive Order Imposing Travel and Refugee Ban

Please check the ISSS web site for updates as changes happen quickly or contact an ISSS advisor if you have concerns or questions.

Travel reminders for f-1 students and f-2 dependents (May 31, 2017)

If you will be travelling outside of the US during the summer, please remember the following:

1. Check the expiration date on your visa prior to travel. In order to return to the United States you will have to have a valid F visa in your passport*. If your visa has expired, or will expire when you are abroad, you need to make arrangements to renew your visa prior to your return to the US. This is best done in your home country. You can find instructions for renewing your US visa on the website of the US Embassy or US Consulate nearest your home.

2. Check that your passport will be valid for more than six months. Your passport must be valid for at least six months to qualify for entry into the US. If your passport will expire in less than six months, you need to renew your passport. You can usually do that either while you are in the United States, or when you return to your home country. For instructions on how to renew your passport while you are in the US, please consult the website of the embassy of your country in the United States.

3. Check your I-20. You will need to present your original, valid, signed, I-20 with your passport and visa when you apply for reentry into the US. If your I-20 will expire prior to your return, you will need to get a program extension PRIOR to your travel. You also need to check your I-20 to verify that the travel signature will be valid when you return. Travel signatures are valid for one year or until the program end date with the exception of students on OPT whose travel signature is valid for only six months.

If you have further questions, please consult an ISSS advisor (

*An exception may exist if your travel is ONLY in North America and the Caribbean. Please see the ISSS travel web page for more information

All DU international students, faculty, and staff traveling for University-related academic and business activities abroad (including home country) are required to register their travel in DU Passport at least two weeks prior to departure. .


Useful Websites
Additional Campus Resources

A full list of events and resources can be found on the University of Denver's Diversity & Inclusion website

U.S. Immigration Patterns Over Time: Colorado's International Student Population and Internationalization of Higher Education was a session presented during the Fourth Annual Internationalization.  The presentation provided the audience with information on immigration patterns over time and how to create a more welcoming campus climate for international students.

Health & Counseling Center provides many medical and mental health services. (phone: 303-871-2205; Ritchie Center, 2240 E. Buchtel Blvd., Suite 3N)

Employee Assistance Program provides counseling and support for all University of Denver employees.

The Student Emergency Fund provides limited emergency financial assistance to currently enrolled University of Denver students who are unable to meet immediate, essential expenses because of temporary hardship related to an unexpected situation

Ombuds Office is a confidential and informal resource for any campus community member who may be experiencing difficulties navigating their time at the University. (Jenna Brown, Ombuds; phone: 303-871-4712)

Chaplain Gary Brower works with all members of the DU community on issues ranging from interfaith dialogue to spiritual care and counseling. (phone: 303-871-4488; Driscoll Student Center, South, 2050 E. Evans Ave.)

Campus Safety

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