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International Student and Scholar Services

International Student Orientation

Required Check-In

Immigration regulations require F-1 and J-1 students to report to International Student & Scholar Services after they arrive in the United States. Students transferring to DU from another school or from the English Language Center must also report to our office upon completing their previous program.


1) Attend International Student Orientation

We are required to check that you are physically present on campus. This step is completed by attending orientation. If you are unable to attend orientation, you MUST inform ISSS by emailing or

2) Email legible scans of all required check-in documents to

Only send one email that includes all the documents listed below. Include your student ID in the email. You will not have access to your I-94 until you have entered the United States, so you must wait until after your arrival to email the documents.

The easiest way to scan documents is with a mobile app, such as CamScanner, but you can also scan documents in multiple places on campus. We recommend Anderson Academic Commons (DU's library), but you can also find a full list of DU locations with public scanners here.

All students must submit the following:

  • Current U.S. entry visa (not required for citizens of Canada or Bermuda) 
  • Most recent I-94--this must be the I-94 you got when you entered the United States to study
  • Current passport biographical page
  • Copies of the above documents for all dependents
Additional Documents for Sponsored Students 
  • Final Financial Guarantee Letter (this cannot be a 'For Admissions Purposes Only' letter)
  • Release of Student Records (FERPA Release) form in PioneerWeb:
    • The Records to Release field should read "transcripts, academic reports, registration verification, change of major, change of level, failure to enroll, financial records, etc."
    • The Recipients field should include the name and contact information of your advisor and the address of your sponsoring agency. 
    • The Purpose of Release field should read "to report academic progress and facilitate payment of tuition, fees, stipends, etc."
    • You do not need to update the date fields.
3) Provide emergency contact information and local address

The fastest way to do this in PioneerWeb under the 'Student' tab. You can complete the online check-in form, but it can take longer for our office to process. 

The links to update in PioneerWeb are can be found here:


Removing Registration Holds

A registration hold from International Student and Scholar Services will remain active on your student account you have completed your Immigration Check-In. The INTL hold will generally be removed within one to two business days of completing all required steps for check-in.

Students who have an INTL hold should check their emails from ISSS for instructions to get the hold removed. If you have not received an email from our office, please contact us by email at for further instructions. Include your DU ID in the message to speed up our response.

Students Not in F-1 or J-1 Status

If you are attending DU in an immigration status other than F-1 or J-1 status, you do not need to complete the immigration check-in. However, we do strongly encourage you to still attend International Student Orientation.