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Strategic Issues Program

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From 2005 through 2015 the Strategic Issues Program regularly convened groups of citizens to examine issues of importance to the people of Colorado and the nation. These groups, called strategic issues panels, reflected the values of informed civil discourse, intellectual freedom and communication that guide the University of Denver itself.

Although the topics studied by strategic issues panels varied widely, all panels followed a similar process. Over a period of months, panel members received presentations from a range of sources including experts, advocates, public officials and others. Panel members weighed the research and opinions presented and engaged in discussions based on the information provided and panel member's own thinking.

Through this process of informed discourse, the panel focused on developing consensus findings and recommendations on the issue. Panel reports were distributed widely throughout Colorado and the United States. Over the years the reports and recommendations helped shape public policy at the state and national level.

Panel reports covered a wide range of issues: Colorado's Economic Future (2005), Colorado's Water Future (2006), the Colorado Constitution (2007), Immigration (2009), Colorado State Government (2011), Campaign Finance (2013), Higher Education (2014) and Legislative Accountability (2015).