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Strategic Issues Program 

Colorado State Capitol

About Us

Director's Message

The measure of a great university is its commitment to the public good. At the University of Denver, we believe that one of our roles is to stimulate a rich and informed public discourse on critical public policy issues. We do so in hopes of contributing to a sustainable future for Colorado, our home since 1864.

It is with that in mind that the University sponsors the Strategic Issues Program. The program brings together concerned citizens from across the state, convening as a strategic issues panel, to examine the many facets of a single complex topic. Each panel tackles tough questions central to the long-term viability and economic success of our state. In a real sense, these panels affirm the values of informed civil discourse, intellectual freedom, open communication and rigor that guide the University of Denver itself.

As you peruse our website and past reports, we hope you will find them to be helpful sources independent, non-partisan information. We are dedicated to putting forth information that raises the level of public awareness and provides a basis for informed policy discussions.


Dr. James Griesemer, Professor and Dean Emeritus
Director, University of Denver Strategic Issues Program